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NGO Sensitises Teachers, Guards On Safe Schools In Lagos


Feb 18, 2023

Talentplus Resources International (TRI), an NGO, on Saturday in Ikorodu sensitised teachers and security guards on child’s right and safety in primary schools in Lagos State.

Voice of Masses reports that the NGO was supported by Development Research and project Centre (DRPC) and Ford Foundation.

Mrs Aderonke K-Eseka, Executive Director, TRI, said their primary objective was to sensitise teachers and head teachers to know that they have responsibility as co-parents to ensure the safety of children in schools.

K-Eseka noted that the organisation’s mission is geared towards child education, youths development, women empowerment, research and child’s right in the society.

“Some of the things we look at is the safe school declaration and the four pillars on the policy of security and safety.

“We also look at child’s right, roles and responsibilities of taking care of these children while they are in schools.

“We also look at the evacuation of children in times of emergencies,” she said.

According the director, the current insecurity challenges in the country is worrisome and students of primary and secondary schools were not left out.

She said that Lagos safe school technical working group was set up for training and advocacy for headteachers, teachers and guards in all public schools across the state.

She also appealed to the state government to increase education budget, set aside funds for school safety and put in place all safety parameters like fences, guards, good toilet and a conducive and safe environment for learning.

K-Eseka advised parent to prioritised nuturing and education of their children, teaching them good morals, provision of basic amenities like writing materials because government alone can not do all.

“Recently, we paid advocacy visit to Lagos state government and also looking forward to meet the local government chairmen and community leaders because safety of children during school hours is key.

“This is why we are advocating and engaging both teachers, school managers, local government authorities, state ministry and stakeholder in education sector.

“We want to do more, go into schools to educate them as we have done at the local government area level.

“Lagos State Government have taken care of 80 per cent basic needs of primary school pupils, providing textbooks, uniform, shoes, parents should also provide the writing materials .

“We want to ensure that every schools in Lagos State conform with minimum standard of safe school and conduct pasted on school walls for students to read, ” she said.

Speaking, Mrs Adeyinka Ajobiewe, a teacher at Owode Primary school, Ibelefun, Ikorodu, commended the organisers and promised to take the advocacy back to her school for accessment and implementation saying ,”it is very educative and impactful”.

Also Mrs Ayo Otubamowo, a staff at the LGEA Basic Education, urged the NGO to sustain the training so that more schools could benefit and get aquinted to safety measures

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