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GOC Usman Kicks Off 2023 Combat Proficiency Contest


Aug 15, 2023

The General Officer Commanding (GOC) of the 81st Division of the Nigerian Army, Major General Muhammed Takuti Usman has inaugurated the 81 Division Combat Proficiency Competition.

The event was a key element of the Nigerian Army’s forecasted activities for the year 2023.

The purpose of the competition is to enhance leadership skills, foster camaraderie, promote professional competence, and prepare officers for higher responsibilities. The event is being hosted at the 243 Recce Battalion located in Ibereko Barracks, Badagry, Lagos State.

The competition also serves to ready the participating officers for potential combat situations, given the ongoing security challenges faced by the country.

Representing the GOC was Brigadier General MA Sadiq, the Commander of the 81 Division Garrison who emphasized that this year’s Inter-Brigade Combat Proficiency Competition would be more rigorous and demanding than previous iterations due to the thorough preparations put forth by both the competition organizers and the participating units.

He encouraged all participating officers to give their utmost effort in order to reap the maximum benefits from the event and bring honour to their respective units.

The GOC underscored the importance of training as a foundational element for all military operations.

He stressed that the performance of troops in both peacetime and wartime directly stems from the quality of training they receive. He referred to training as an essential tool that guarantees heightened military professionalism.

Major General MT Usman also mentioned that the 81st Division was meeting expectations by hosting this year’s exercise in accordance with the Chief of Army Staff’s Command Philosophy, which aims to transform the Nigerian Army into a well-trained, well-equipped, and highly motivated force capable of fulfilling its constitutional obligations within a collaborative framework.

The GOC provided a rundown of the criteria established to evaluate the competing formations in this year’s competition. These criteria encompassed skills such as map reading, combat swimming, weapon handling, and obstacle crossing.

He highlighted that these requirements would serve as platforms for enhancing the combat proficiency and preparedness of junior commanders, enabling them to showcase their leadership acumen.

He expressed gratitude towards the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) for his invaluable strategic guidance and support in meeting the Division’s training needs. He reiterated the Division’s unwavering commitment to prioritizing training, as evidenced by their adherence to all Nigerian Army Training Directives for the year 2023.

The opening ceremony was marked by the initiation of the Map Reading exercise, which was the first activity scheduled for the competition. The exercise was hotly contested, signifying the commencement of the overall competition process.

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