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Ogun Customs Addresses Sporadic Shooting Incident


Dec 19, 2023

A press statement released by Hammed Bukoye Oloyede, Superintendent of Customs and Public Relations Officer for the Ag. Customs Area Command of Ogun 1 Area Command, sheds light on a recent incident involving operatives of the Nigeria Customs Service.

According to the statement, on Saturday, December 16, 2023, along the Lanfewa/Enu gada axis of Ogun State, operatives from the Ogun 1 Area Command were involved in evacuating smuggled goods from two faulty vehicles used for transportation. During this operation, they encountered an attack allegedly instigated by hoodlums suspected to be working for the smugglers of the confiscated goods.

The severity of the attack, deemed as a threat to the lives of the officers, prompted a call for reinforcement. In response, the operatives defended themselves around 7:15 AM, repelling the assailants to ensure their safety. No casualties were reported, and the seized goods were safely conveyed to the Government Warehouse at Customs House in Abeokuta.

The statement emphasized the commitment of the Command, led by the Acting Customs Area Controller Ahmadu Shuaibu, to prioritize the safety of the host communities and denounced the indiscriminate use of firearms. However, it stressed that in situations posing serious threats to life, the rules of engagement dictate necessary actions for self-protection.

Expressing regret over the potential fear caused among residents and the public during the incident, the Command assured its dedication to upholding the safety of Ogun State residents while executing lawful duties. It reiterated the commitment to operating within the confines of the law and adhering to rules of engagement.

Highlighting provisions within the Nigeria Customs Service Act (NCSA) 2023, the statement underscored penalties, including a five-million-naira fine and imprisonment for five years, for obstructing, molesting, or assaulting officers on lawful duty. Additionally, Section 226 of the NCSA grants Customs operatives the authority to conduct patrols freely, relevant to their anti-smuggling operations in Ogun State.

The statement stands as an official response from the Nigeria Customs Service regarding the incident and reaffirms the commitment to maintaining lawfulness and ensuring the safety of communities in the region.

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