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Smile Communications Bold Devices


Jan 22, 2024

Smile Communications, the leading 4G LTE telecommunications company in Africa, has innovative 4G LTE connectivity devices that will change how people communicate and connect namely, The Smile SMiFi portable hotspot, SmileRouters, and the Smile 4G LTE FREE SIM cards all packed with lots of awesomeness.

The Smile SMiFi portable hotspot lets users connect up to 10 devices simultaneously to the internet. With a battery life of up to 8 hours, users can stay connected on the go without worrying about running out of power.
The Smile SMiFi is also small and lightweight, making it easy to carry in a pocket or handbag.

The Smile Wireless Router is designed to offer superior connectivity, high-quality voice calls, and SuperFast internet speeds. This router can handle all home/office internet needs, with dual-band Wi-Fi and support for up to 32 devices. The SmileRouter also comes with Smile’s network security software, which helps protect devices from online threats.

While the 4GLTE SIM which is available only to 4GLTE enabled smartphones, comes FREE from Smile and you can subscribe to available plans that gives you unlimited data for one month, FREE Smile to Smile calls, SMS and so much more.
“We are thrilled about our connectivity devices in the market,” said Abdul Hafeez, Chief Marketing Officer. “We believe that they continue to revolutionize the telecommunications industry and offer users unparalleled connectivity and quality. We aim to make it easier for people to stay connected, no matter where they are.”

The SMiFi portable hotspot, SmileRouter, and the Smile 4G LTE FREE SIM card are available on the Smile Communications website and at all Smile retail outlets.

*About Smile* *Communications*
Smile Communications is a telecommunications company specializing in providing fast, reliable, and affordable connectivity to users worldwide. Introducing its 4G LTE services in Nigeria in 2014, Smile has quickly become the leader of the telecommunications industry’s 4G LTE data and voice services. Smile continues to offer innovative devices and services to meet the evolving needs of its customers.
For more information, please visit www.smile.com.ng.

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