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Navy Combats Rising Stowaway Incidents In Lagos Waters


Apr 18, 2024

The Nigerian Navy has reported a significant increase in stowaway cases within Nigerian territorial waters, citing concerns over the growing trend. According to the Nigerian Navy, from August 2023 to April 2024, approximately 75 stowaways were apprehended in various operations aimed at curbing this perilous activity.

Under the directive of the Chief of the Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Emmanuel Ogalla, the Navy has enhanced its Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) capabilities. This includes deploying advanced equipment that enables Quick Response Teams (QRT) to efficiently monitor and address security threats in Nigeria’s waters.

The details released by the Navy indicate a persistent problem, with incidents recorded across multiple vessels. For instance, the MSC Martha and the MT UOG Constantine encountered stowaways in August 2023 and December 2023, respectively, with the latter finding 14 individuals hidden within the vessel.

All individuals apprehended were found in critical hiding spots like rudder compartments, posing severe risks to their health due to harsh conditions, lack of sustenance, and potential injuries. Following their recovery, the stowaways were handed over to the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) for further processing and legal action.

The Nigerian Navy has issued a stern warning against the dangers of stowaway attempts, which include not only legal repercussions but also significant health risks, and possibly death. The Navy’s ongoing efforts to tackle this issue reflect a broader commitment to maintaining security and safety in Nigeria‚Äôs maritime territories.

Commodore Adams-Aliu, the Director of Information for the Navy, emphasized the need for public awareness and urged the media to help disseminate the risks associated with stowaway behaviors, especially to discourage the youth from such hazardous undertakings.

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