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NASENI Introduces New Products, Receives Surge In Orders


May 11, 2024

The National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) has unveiled a range of innovative products, sparking significant interest from dealers and the public alike. Mr. Khalil Suleiman Halilu, the Executive Vice Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of NASENI, presented the new lineup, developed in collaboration with technical partners, during a media briefing at the Agency’s headquarters in Abuja on May 9.

The showcased products include the NASENI 300 Watts LED Solar Street Lamp, NASENI Laptop, NASENI Lithium battery, NASENI solar irrigation pumps, and a NASENI Smartphone. Since the unveiling, NASENI has been inundated with inquiries regarding the availability of these products from interested dealers and the general public.

To facilitate orders, the Agency has directed all bulk order inquiries for the NASENI laptop and solar irrigation pump, as well as pre-orders for the other products, to be emailed to sales@naseni.gov.ng.

Mr. Halilu emphasized NASENI’s commitment to collaborating with private sector partners to deliver high-quality household and industrial products to the market efficiently. He highlighted the agency’s role as a facilitator, assisting private sector players in product design, testing, production capacity scaling, and market expansion.

“Our new model at NASENI is to collaborate with serious partners in our areas of interest, supporting them to enhance their products and penetrate new markets,” stated Mr. Halilu.

NASENI envisions transitioning its domestic product manufacturing initiatives from Semi-Knocked Down (SKD) assembly to Completely Knocked Down (CKD) assembly, along with increasing the use of locally-sourced materials in product components. The agency is committed to facilitating the full transfer of Intellectual Property (IP) and technology elements to enhance local production capacity.

Mr. Halilu reiterated NASENI’s focus on collaboration, creation, and commercialization as core operating principles, pledging to provide regular updates on the agency’s industrial transformation journey.

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