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Ichie Ositadinma Igbonwelundu Explains Motivation Behind Aspiring For Uli’s Igwe; Clarifies UMB, Proposed Mbaisato LGAs


Jul 18, 2023

The race for the revered position of Igwe of Uli ancient kingdom gained momentum, one man stood at the forefront, driven by an unwavering desire to serve his people.

Ichie Nnanyelugo Emmanuel Clement Ositadinma Igbonwelundu, an esteemed member of the community, reassured his supporters that his aspirations were rooted in service and unconditional love for the people of Uli.

During a meeting with his dedicated supporters in Lagos, Ichie Igbonwelundu emphasized the importance of upholding due process throughout the campaign.

He urged his followers to conduct themselves with integrity, ensuring that their actions reflected the noble intentions of his bid for the Igwe position.

Ichie Igbonwelundu took the opportunity to address lingering rumors and unfounded allegations surrounding his involvement with the defunct Uli Microfinance Bank (UMB).

He categorically dismissed claims that he had borrowed money from the bank, using his ancestral home as collateral, without repaying the loan or surrendering the property.

With pride, Ichie Igbonwelundu recounted his role as the foundation chairman of Uli Community Bank (UCB). He oversaw its successful transition to UMB, ensuring its stability and growth.

He clarified that, as chairman, he was not responsible for the bank’s day-to-day operations. In a testament to his dedication, he revealed that under his leadership, the board swiftly addressed policy violations, terminating the employment of a manager involved in unauthorized lending.

As an accomplished banker, Ichie Igbonwelundu stepped down as Chairman of UMB after the 2008 Annual General Meeting. He assured his supporters that during his tenure, the bank’s financial records were diligently documented, audited by external firms, and ratified by the board.

He confidently offered access to these records, demonstrating his commitment to transparency and accountability.

Ichie Igbonwelundu highlighted the challenges faced by the bank, elucidating the influence of external actors and regulatory bodies on its financial health. He explained that their decisions had triggered panic withdrawals, impacting the bank’s stability.

Nevertheless, he stood resilient, knowing that the bank’s profitable performance years after his departure testified to its sound foundation during his tenure.

Dispelling another allegation, Ichie Igbonwelundu vehemently denied any role in denying Uli the opportunity to become part of Mbaisato Local Government Area.

He reiterated that local government creation fell under the purview of the federal government and emphasized his efforts, alongside others, to secure the creation of the local government for Uli. Sadly, their endeavors were granted to neighboring communities instead.

Educating his supporters on the Igwe election process, Ichie Igbonwelundu outlined the four-tier democratic approach prescribed in the town’s constitution. The eldest man from each of the four villages, along with the Oluohas and the Council of Chiefs in consultation with the Uli Progressive Union (UPU), would vote for their preferred candidate.

He reassured his supporters that, based on his track record, integrity, selflessness, and commitment to truth, fairness, and justice, they were backing the most deserving candidate for the Igwe position.

Ichie Nnanyelugo Emmanuel Clement Ositadinma Igbonwelundu’s journey to become the Igwe of Uli ancient kingdom reflects his deep-rooted commitment to the welfare and progress of his people.

Driven by a genuine desire to serve and an unwavering love for Uli, he has faced challenges head-on, debunking false accusations and upholding transparency throughout his campaign.

With his supporters standing firmly behind him, Ichie Igbonwelundu’s legacy of integrity, dedication, and democratic values promises a bright future for the ancient kingdom of Uli.

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