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Navy Boosts Personnel Cyber Security Skills With Inter-Command Competition 


Jul 31, 2023

The Nigerian Navy in its effort to boost personnel’s cyber security skills on Monday kicked off it’s Third Annual Inter-Command Competition and Cyberdrills at NNS Quorra. 

The 5-Day event which is holding from July 31 to August 4, according to the Flag Officer Commanding, Western Naval Command, Rear Admiral Mohammed Abdullahi, is an annual competition aimed at improving the Nigerian Navy in Cybersecurity. 

The FOC who represented the Chief of Naval Staff, Rear Admiral Emmanuel Ogalla at the competition added that the development calls for more dedication to duty and commitment to service delivery.

“I am honoured to be here today to kick off our Inter-command Competition and Cyberdrills 2023. As you all know, cyber attacks are fast becoming a major threat to military organisations globally. 

“The goal of this competition is to drill ourselves and improve our cyber security posture. This is aimed at improving our military cyber defence capabilities towards thwarting any cyber attack. 

“In recent years, we have seen a number of high-profile cyber attacks against military organizations, including the NotPetya attack in 2017 that caused significant damage to the Ukrainian military.

“This Inter-command competition is an important opportunity for us to test our personnel in semaphore, flashing, voice communication as well as cyber security defenses and to learn how to respond to a real-world cyber attack. 

“We will be simulating a variety of cyber attacks, including phishing attacks, malware attacks, and denial-of-service attacks. Additionally, there will be inputs from the Nigerian Army Signal Corps in the spirit of jointness,” he said 

The FOC further emphasized that the competition isn’t just any game but a serious exercise that needs to be taken seriously. 

“Just as the saying goes; make hay, while the sun shines,”he added. 

He noted that the erstwhile DCIT has been upgraded to a full Branch with four directorates which include; Dircctorate of Communications, Directorate of Cyber Security and Forensics, Directorate of Satellite Communications and Directorate of Information Technology. 

“This development calls for more dedication to duty and commitment to service delivery as a Branch. As you all know, to whom much is given, much is required. I therefore wish you all, a successful competition,” he said. 

The Chief of Communication and Information Technology, Rear Admiral Olusanya Abiodun Bankole in his speech stressed the need for an effective communication in achieving successful operations. 

He also berated records of failed standards in communication with the agency which he traced to the attitude of operators and negligence to communication protocols.

Rear Admiral Bankole noted that the competition will assess the proficiency of personnel and engender CIT Personnel capacity.

He added that the competition will expose participants to latest trends in the cyber space aside reinvigorating standard communication protocols.

“I have no doubt that this would provide a platform for all of us to interact and refresh our memories on foundations and rudiments of our communication profession. 

“Communication is the fulcrum of any successful operation, like the saying goes; if you aint got communication, you aint got nothing.

“Recently, naval headquarters has been inundated with reports of falling standards in naval communication, due largely to the attitudes of the operators and disregard to standard communication procedures. 

“In a bid to correct these anomalies the idea to conduct an annual communication competition was mooted” he said.

Bankole revealed that the aim of the competition is to test the proficiency of personnel of the Branch in various aspects of communication and Cyberdrills. 

“It is also to develop the capacity of CIT personnel as well as re-invigorate standard communication procedures with a view to enhancing and sustaining professionalism in CIT.

“The competition will also feature Cyber drills as we all aware the cyber space is an important component on cyber warfare, cybersecurity, artificial-intelligent and other components in the cyber space,” he said.

Hybrid News gathered that this year’s completion will feature two cyberdrills and a mini hackerthon aimed at preparing officers and men for cyber defence and consciousness of their environment. 

The Nigerian Army Signal Corps will also be participating in this year’s competition as a total of 42 personnel consisting of 2 officers from SLT – Lt and 5 ratings each from Petty Officer and below from the 6 commands are expected to participate in the competition. 

The competitive events for the competition fall under the following broad categories; Visual Communication- Practical Semaphore, Flashing and Flag Hoist, Practical Voice Procedure, Practical Message Handling including message drafting, Practical Radio System Set up, General Communication Knowledge, Fleet Work and Cyberdrills

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