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ROWLAND OKORIE: Mbaise In Europe Rallies Investors For Project NWAFOR Igbo


Aug 19, 2023

Equity Concepts Entertainment boss and Convener of Project NWAFOR Igbo, Rowland Okorie is set to storm Germany for Mbaise Europe 4th Anniversary starting on Thursday August 24th, 2023.

The grand event which will run from 24th – 26th of August will witness the who is who from Imo State in Europe.

However, as a follow up to his call for mass business exodus of Ndigbo, the dreadlock Mbaise-born Rowland Okorie, told us that he will be making a presentation at the Mbaise Europe 4th convention where he plans to synchronize the launch of Project NWAFOR Igbo.

Okorie, speaking from Oak & Ivy, Las Vegas, NV, United States said; “This is a special moment in the history of my life and a place where I always dreamt to find myself. This is a major trip outside the U.S since becoming a citizen. I thank the leadership of Mbaise Europe especially to a worthy Ambassador and Chairman Godson E Buma.”

“Europe will stand still on that day. On that day it will be an experience of a different culture and economic boost as time ticks towards the biggest black gathering in the heart of europe.”

“This August 24 – 26th 2023, the world will gather together in the heart of Europe to celebrate Mbaise Europe 4th annual convention.”

“The biggest black cultural gathering in the history of humanity. You will see who is who, doctors, lawyers, politicians, musicians, artists, just name it.”

“Igbos all over the world, their children, friends and well-wishers will come as one to celebrate. Eat good food, share ideas and talk about technology while planning development in various parts of Igbo lands, Imo State and Mbaise land in particular.”

“There is no better forum to birth the beloved project and I will seize the moment and opportunity, grab it and run with it.”

“Igbo land has a long history of being one of the largest economies and one of the most sought after investment hubs. This has crystallized into growing markets, some of which are creditably competing with some of the world’s best.”

“The local brands made in Aba sectors are an area that the South-East has created a niche and which is ultimately being exported globally. We have also developed capacity in manufacturing, oil and gas.”

“Project NWAFOR Igbo at the driver seat will open the door for business and investment. We will set in motion the process of state-round economic growth and development.”

“Imo State and Mbaise land in particular will be the testing ground for first user advantage. Yes, we are starting with our home land after all charity begins at home.”

“Positioning investments and Igbo businesses by virtue of this meeting will be given front row seats in the theatre of enterprise and economic development.”

“I have been in serious talks with the leadership and organizers of Mbaise Europe who assured me of their total cooperation and commitment and this gladdens my heart. The coast is clear for a take off.”

“Am totally committed to this course and have full belief in my brothers who have over and over again assured me of the direction we are all going.”

“I already see a success, that is why they will be inviting possible investors to hear my plans in Project NWAFOR Igbo.”

“I will also use the opportunity to tour Spain and possibly Finland for endorsements and leadership positions for Project NWAFOR Igbo.”

“There are over 200 vacant leadership positions and everyone is invited. All we need is commitment and integrity. Mbaise Europe convention is definitely another big exposure for us. I cannot afford not to be there.”

“This convention, like I said earlier, will also be the best atmosphere to determine the main date of the Global Launch of Project NWAFOR Igbo where I will be expecting Uche Onuigbo, the global head of strategy to unveil more of our plans.”

“I will be circulating my blueprint as to next stages and plan of action at this upcoming convention.”

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