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NCS Commences Two-Day Training On Geospatial Technology For Staff


Nov 4, 2023

…Reaffirms Dedication to Tackling Economic Sabotage

The Nigeria Customs Service, under the leadership of Comptroller-General Bashir Adewale Adeniyi MFR, has taken a substantial step towards modernization and operational enhancement. Recently, the Comptroller-General launched a crucial two-day workshop focusing on GEOSPATIAL techniques. This initiative aims to equip officers and personnel of the service with the knowledge and skills necessary to fortify border security and invigorate Nigeria’s economic prospects.

The initiation of this training program serves as a testament to the unwavering commitment of the Nigeria Customs Service to elevate its operational efficiency. It underscores the organization’s dedication to leveraging advanced technology in facilitating legitimate trade while vigorously combating smuggling and other illicit activities that pose a threat to the nation’s economic interests.

Representing the CGC at the launch, Deputy Comptroller-General of Customs, Sa’idu Galadima, highlighted the pivotal role that GEOSPATIAL techniques will play in offering officers a practical grasp of border security. He underscored the tangible benefits this will bring to Nigeria’s economy, emphasizing the Comptroller-General’s strong support for technological advancements.

Assistant Comptroller-General of Customs, Kikelomo Adeola, who oversees ICT and Modernization, provided further insights into the significance of introducing GEOSPATIAL technology training for Customs officers.

She elaborated on how this training will revolutionize the approach to combating smuggling, rendering traditional methods, such as pursuing smugglers in the field with firearms, obsolete. The introduction of GEOSPATIAL technology will empower Customs personnel to monitor and mitigate smuggling activities directly from their offices.

Ms. Adeola emphasized that upon the completion of the workshop, the Nigeria Customs Service will possess the capability to detect and address illegal and unapproved routes exploited by smugglers along the nation’s borders. The GEOSPATIAL program will deliver real-time intelligence, ensuring the precise and timely execution of anti-smuggling operations.

“This training will significantly bolster Customs’ steadfast commitment to improving trade in Nigeria. GEOSPATIAL technology not only equips our officers with the tools to combat smuggling more effectively but also provides accurate and timely intelligence to ensure the success of anti-smuggling operations,” Ms. Adeola stated.

The introduction of GEOSPATIAL technology represents a substantial leap forward for the Nigeria Customs Service in its mission to secure the nation’s borders, promote legitimate trade, and firmly confront economic saboteurs and individuals involved in smuggling activities.

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