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ACG Jibo Elevates Comptroller Shuaibu, Other Officers, Emphasizes Enhanced Dedication


Jan 10, 2024

Mohammed Bello Jibo, the Assistant Comptroller General of Customs and Zonal Coordinator overseeing Zone A, presided over a significant decoration ceremony in Lagos, where several senior officers, including Comptroller Bello Shuaibu of the Ogun 1 Command, were adorned with their newly acquired ranks.

During the event, Jibo emphasized the imperative of heightened dedication to service among the decorated officers.

Addressing the attendees, Jibo congratulated the newly promoted Comptrollers, Deputy Comptrollers, and Assistant Comptrollers, underscoring that their promotions were a testament to the trust placed in them.

He urged them to channel this recognition into renewed efforts and increased productivity.

Jibo acknowledged the unwavering commitment of Comptroller-General Bashir Adewale Adeniyi to the welfare of officers.

He highlighted Adeniyi’s tireless efforts in facilitating the inauguration of the new Nigeria Customs Service Board, which played a pivotal role in approving the promotions.

Highlighting the significance of these promotions, Jibo emphasized the added responsibilities that accompany higher ranks.

He urged all beneficiaries to align their focus towards achieving the objectives set by the NCS under its current management team.

Jibo praised Comptroller Shuaibu for his exceptional efforts in transforming the anti-smuggling landscape within the Ogun Command.

He acknowledged Shuaibu’s adept blending of enforcement and intelligence tactics, resulting in successful seizures of prohibited items such as rice, drugs, vehicles, and ammunition, all achieved without any casualties among officers or the public.

Shuaibu’s notable track record in relentless anti-smuggling efforts across various units such as the Federal Operations Unit Zone A, Federal Operations Unit Zone C in Owerri, Strike Force Team A in Lagos, among others, was also commended.

The decoration ceremony stands as a testament to the dedication and commitment of the Nigeria Customs Service in recognizing and fostering excellence among its officers while urging them to continue upholding the highest standards in service delivery.

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