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Comptroller Nnadi Emphasizes Service Over Power During Promotion Ceremony At Tin-Can Island Area Command


Jan 12, 2024

…110 Officers Decorated, Including Nine Newly Promoted Comptrollers

In a ceremony held on Tuesday at the Tin Can Island Area Command of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), 110 newly promoted officers were decorated, marking a significant milestone in the recent promotions carried out by the Service. Notable among the promotions were nine Deputy Comptrollers (DCs) elevated to the rank of Comptrollers, 16 Assistant Comptrollers (ACs) promoted to Deputy Comptrollers, and 21 Chief Superintendent of Customs (CSCs) promoted to Assistant Comptrollers.

Customs Area Controller of the Command, Comptroller Dera Nnadi mni, emphasized the importance of service over power during the decoration ceremony. He highlighted that this promotion marked the first conducted by the current NCS management led by CGC Bashir Adewale Adeniyi MFR.

Addressing the newly promoted officers, Comptroller Nnadi urged them to utilize their new ranks and positions to enhance efficient service delivery to the trading community. He acknowledged the collaboration between the command and stakeholders, attributing it to the capacity building that led to the command achieving the highest number of promotions.

Comptroller Nnadi stated, “You are not only lucky; you are privileged, having been found academically competent. Your rank confers service on you and not power. Whichever office assigned to you should be seen as service and not as power.”

Highlighting the unprecedented promotion of over 67 Comptrollers, he urged those not promoted to work harder, emphasizing the obligation to mentor and the expectation of improved service delivery. He stressed the importance of respecting stakeholders, urging the newly promoted officers to optimize service delivery and contribute to meeting revenue targets assigned to the command.

Concluding his remarks, Comptroller Nnadi reiterated, “The only obligation is to mentor you, and what you owe me back is service delivery.” The ceremony underscored the commitment of the Nigeria Customs Service to recognize and reward excellence while promoting a culture of dedicated service.

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