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Lekki Community Unite for Lekki One Million Trees Initiative


Jan 26, 2024

In a laudable effort to promote a greener and healthier environment, the Lekki Residents and Stakeholders Association (LERSA) Environment Committee, under the leadership of Mr Sulyman Bello as LERSA President and Lady Lauretta Asemota as the Committee Chairperson, has joined forces with the Lekki community to launch the Lekki One Million Trees initiative.

This initiative strives to plant one million trees, enhancing the local environment’s cleanliness, safety, and aesthetic appeal.

The LERSA Environment Committee, renowned for its dedication to a sustainable and beautiful Lekki, has strategically aligned its efforts with the Lekki One Million Trees initiative to maximize the impact of tree planting in the region. This collaboration not only underscores the community’s commitment to a greener Lekki but also extends an invitation for other well-meaning Nigerians to actively engage in environmental conservation.

Acknowledging the pivotal role of trees in maintaining a balanced ecosystem, the LERSA Environment Committee has integrated tree planting into its core objectives. The zero waste and beautification team members, entrusted with enhancing Lekki’s greenery, actively support initiatives like the Lekki One Million Trees. Their endeavors aim to collaborate with individuals who share a passion for giving back to the environment.

The grand kickoff ceremony and tree planting exercise for the Lekki One Million Trees initiative are scheduled for January 27, 2024, starting at 8 am. The event will commence with a road walk from Chevron roundabout to Lekki 2nd tollgate, symbolizing a collective stride towards a sustainable future. The initial phase of tree planting will occur on the road median space by the tollgate, opposite the Lekki Concession Company (LCC). This marks the beginning of a phased approach to tree planting, intending to span the entire year.

The Lekki community, in solidarity with LERSA, not only reaffirms its commitment to environmental conservation but also sets a noteworthy example for other communities and individuals to follow suit. As the Lekki One Million Trees initiative takes root, it is poised to become a beacon of inspiration, fostering a culture of responsible environmental stewardship.

The One Million Trees project holds a special significance as an initiative to immortalize late Da Vincent Gwott Choji by his children. Da Vincent Gwott Choji passed away in 2007.

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