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Prince Eniola Ojajuni Unveils Vision For Ondo State, Aspires To Transform Governance, Ignite Development As Next Governor


Feb 1, 2024

In a recent press statement in Akure, Prince Eniola Ojajuni, an aspirant in the governorship race of Ondo State under the Labour Party (LP), outlined his reasons for aspiring to the gubernatorial position, asserting that he possesses the necessary qualities to significantly contribute to the state’s development.

The politician and entrepreneur highlighted the existing challenges facing Ondo State, emphasizing the need for individuals with extraordinary ideas to address these issues effectively. Ojajuni expressed confidence in his ability to transform the state, stating that governance in recent years has been marked by mere trials.

Calling for a departure from the politics of violence, Ojajuni urged fellow gubernatorial aspirants to embrace politics centered on ideas and development. He emphasized that this shift is crucial for moving the state forward and positioning it competitively among other developed states in the nation.

Ojajuni remarked, “I have seen the plight of my people. Governance has been mere trials, and we all know that things can be far better than what they are today. I am here to make a difference; to deliver genuine dividends of democracy in the health sector, transportation, infrastructure, and total poverty alleviation through various empowerment programs.”

The aspirant, who hails from Ilaje, highlighted his humble beginnings and emphasized his commitment to making a positive impact. He cited his establishment of a scholarship scheme benefitting over 3,000 students across the 18 Local Government Areas of Ondo State, placing a particular focus on education.

Ojajuni, an investment consultant with experience in major banks, outlined his plans for the state, including expanding the scope of businesses and investments, developmental attention to education, free education up to the university level through subsidization, improved primary healthcare, job creation, infrastructural development, and entrepreneurial support.

He expressed his dedication to creating the Ondo State Investment Fund for young entrepreneurs, initiating projects for market women and traders, upgrading the transport sector to generate jobs, fostering a friendly environment for investors, ensuring financial autonomy for Osopadec, and providing housing and job opportunities across the state.

As Ojajuni vies for the governorship position, he stands on a platform of transformative governance and holistic development, promising a future that addresses the needs and aspirations of the people of Ondo State.

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