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Invest In Your Homeland For Development And Prosperity,” Gov. Soludo Again Urges NDI-ANAMBRA


Jul 21, 2023

Once again, Governor Chukwuma Charles Soludo of Anambra State has reiterated his appeal to Ndi Anambra residing outside the state, urging them to bring their investments back home and contribute to the development of Anambra. This call was made during a town hall meeting in Abuja, where he engaged with Ndi Anambra entrepreneurs and businesswomen residing in the Federal Capital Territory.

Notably, Governor Soludo had previously made similar appeals to Ndi Anambra living in Lagos a few weeks ago. During the recent meeting, he specifically encouraged business owners and investors of Anambra origin to embrace a sense of homeland consciousness by repatriating their investments and laying the foundation for the state’s development.

Governor Soludo emphasized that being Anambra citizens was no coincidence; rather, it was a part of a divine plan. He sought their active collaboration and strategic partnership, urging them to work together towards the collective growth and progress of the state. By pooling their resources and efforts, he believed they could make a significant impact in building a better Anambra.

“Let’s work together as strategic partners to develop Anambra. We have only one agenda which is to make the state a destination and not a departure lounge”

Governor Soludo then outlined some of the initiatives and infrastructure projects his administration is implementing to create a more investor-friendly environment in the State.
Regarding security, a top priority for his government, Governor Soludo assured that the security architecture has been strengthened. The state’s community Vigilante Group is working in close collaboration with other security forces to effectively tackle security challenges. With these measures in place, he confidently stated that the weekly sit-at-home syndrome, which has been a concern, will soon come to an end.

As for road infrastructure, the governor assured that significant progress has been made. Currently, over 300 kilometers of roads throughout the entire state are at various stages of completion, and additional projects are set to be initiated soon.

Governor Soludo disclosed that his administration is modernizing Awka, the State Capital. Plans are underway for a new government house and lodge, which are expected to be ready in the latter part of the first quarter of the following year.

In terms of agriculture, the government has undertaken a regenerative approach to boost production. Notably, they have distributed Coconut and palm oil seedlings to approximately 140,000 households across the State. This initiative aims to significantly reduce poverty when the seedlings start bearing fruit in the coming years. Each household is expected to generate a substantial annual income of N1.2 million.

The Governor acknowledged the environmental challenges faced by the State, particularly the devastating effects of flooding and erosion in areas such as Oko, Nanka, Ekwulobia, Oba, among others. To address this, the government is actively re-channeling and desilting the waterways. Additionally, a draft bill will be submitted to the State Assembly to further combat these environmental threats.

Governor Soludo expressed regret that the commercial city of Onitsha has lost some of its former glory. However, he assured the audience that his government has launched a rescue mission to revitalize the city. The plan includes the reconstruction of infrastructure and the desilting of waterways to restore Onitsha to its former prominence.

He mentioned that soon, environmental laws will be enforced to compel landlords to periodically paint their buildings. In addition, there are exciting developments to look forward to, such as the transformation of Ochanja Roundabout with a captivating waterfall fountain, as well as the famous Creek Road being dualized and adorned with street lights.

Governor Soludo assured that the process of acquiring land for prospective investors will be expedited. He also reiterated the State government’s commitment to working with the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) to ensure 24-hour electricity availability in major towns like Awka, Onitsha, Nnewi, and Ekwulobia. The Governor urged all the residents of Anambra to contribute to the state’s development by paying their taxes.
Regarding the future of the South East region, Governor Soludo expressed great optimism, highlighting the cooperation among current leaders who are dedicated to working together for the growth of the area.

Earlier, during the event, Sir Emeka Offor, the Chairman, lauded the Governor for his remarkable achievements in infrastructural development in Anambra State. He stressed that the progress of the state requires the collaboration of all Ndi-Anambra, regardless of their political affiliations. He called upon politicians and investors to support the government and invest in the homeland.

The Governor of Abia State, Dr. Alex Otti, who joined the event midway, emphasized the significance of Anambra’s development for the progress of Alaigbo (Igbo land) as a whole.

“We are one and the same people. We need to fix the whole of South East. My coming here is to support what Governor Soludo is doing. We must do everything possible to bring back our investment home,” he said.

Afterwards, he urged all Ndi-Anambra to rally behind Governor Soludo, acknowledging his remarkable achievements in just over a year of assuming office.

During the event, other notable figures like former Governor Dr. Chris Ngige, Senators Victor Umeh, Ifeanyi Ubah, and Uche Ekwunife also praised Governor Soludo for his outstanding contributions to the development of Anambra State.

The occasion was graced by the presence of the Governor’s wife, Mrs. Nonye Soludo, along with prominent Anambra-born Captains of Industry and members of the Anambra State Executive Council, among other distinguished guests.

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