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NAF Set To Strengthen Counter-Terrorism Operations With New Platform Acquisitions


Jul 21, 2023

Air Vice Marshal Hasan Abubakar, the Chief of Air Staff, revealed that the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) is eagerly anticipating the arrival of 51 new platforms, a move aimed at bolstering counter-insurgency and counterterrorism efforts in the nation.

During his inaugural operational tour of NAF units in Makurdi, Benue State, he addressed officers and personnel and highlighted the significance of these additional platforms in enhancing training, air power deployment, and projection capabilities.

The upcoming platforms include 2 Agusta 109 Trekker Multi-role helicopters, 2 Beechcraft King Air 360 aircraft, 3 Diamond DA-62 surveillance aircraft, and 6 T-129 ATAK helicopters. Additionally, the NAF is also looking forward to acquiring 2 CASA-295 medium airlift/surveillance aircraft, 12 AH-1Z attack helicopters, and 24 M-346 attack aircraft.

These acquisitions exemplify the Federal Government’s unwavering commitment to equip the NAF, enabling it to conduct secure training and agile airpower operations to effectively address the country’s security challenges.

Furthermore, Air Vice Marshal Abubakar emphasized that the NAF would continually enhance cooperation and joint efforts as part of a comprehensive whole-of-nation approach to promptly resolve the security challenges plaguing the country.

He said, “While the NAF augments its airpower measures and approaches, it will also continue to promote seamless interoperability of equipment and joint force employment by the various services.”

He urged the personnel to collaborate closely with other services and security agencies in order to meet the high expectations of Nigerians regarding the Armed Forces.

The primary goals were to restore peace, ensure security, and foster a safe and prosperous nation. Air Vice Marshal Abubakar acknowledged that the recent successes were largely attributed to the improved cooperation and joint efforts between the Services and other security agencies. However, he emphasized the need to further enhance and maintain this collaborative spirit.

The Chief of Air Staff (CAS) also expressed his commitment to address maintenance and logistics support for all NAF fleet, with the aim of surpassing the current average serviceability rate of over 78 percent.

In terms of training, Air Vice Marshal Abubakar emphasized that both overseas and local training would be purposeful and tailored to address skill and capability deficiencies. The selection process for such courses would be based solely on merit to ensure that the most qualified individuals are chosen, thereby ensuring the best value for the NAF.

Addressing welfare concerns, the CAS recognized the significance of reliable electricity and water supply, as well as the need for improved accommodation and road infrastructure on all NAF Bases. He assured the personnel and their families that these issues would be given the highest priority to ensure a comfortable living environment.

He, also, promised timely payment of all entitlements and pledged to look into matters concerning uniforms and other necessary equipment.

In conclusion, the CAS emphasized the importance of discipline, diligence, and responsibility in the conduct of personnel, both in and out of uniforms. By upholding these values, the NAF would continue to uphold its commitment to the security and prosperity of the nation.

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