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LP Aspirant Ojajuni Expresses Aspirations For Ondo Governorship, Cites Governance As A Series Of Mere Trials


Aug 1, 2023

An aspirant in the Ondo State governorship race representing the Labour Party (LP), Prince Eniola Joseph Ojajuni, has articulated his motivations for seeking employment, emphasizing his potential to make significant contributions to the state’s development.

In a press release issued in Akure on Friday, the politician and entrepreneur, who hails from Ilaje, stressed the importance of addressing the challenges confronting the state by harnessing the innovative ideas of young individuals.

With a firm belief in his ability to effect positive transformation, he criticized the past governance as mere trial and error. Prince Eniola Joseph Ojajuni called upon his fellow gubernatorial aspirants in the state to eschew violence and instead focus on politics centered around issue-based ideas and development. He emphasized that such an approach was essential to propel the state forward and position it favorably among other well-developed states within the nation and across West Africa.

He said, “I have seen the plight of my people. Governance has been mere trials, and we all know that things can be far better than what they are today.”

“I am here to make a difference; to deliver the visible dividend of the democracy in the health sector, educational, agricultural, transportation, technology, infrastructure and to alleviate poverty through production and friendly regulatory environment to micro small and medium enterprises. I understand where the shoes pitch because l started with a humble beginning. I have helped several women, children, and men who seek support in different ways.”

He furthered, “I have set up a scholarship scheme to assist students across the 18 Local Government Areas of Ondo State. The scholarship programme admits the indigenes of Ondo State into the Pan African College of Education in Kwara state.”

Speaking on why he is credible enough to be governor, the investment consultant said, “I will use my vast experience as a consultant to the then Oceanic Bank on investment banking and consultant to the metropolitan bank on investment and strategy to expand the scope of businesses and investment in the state.

The people of Ondo State can trust me for greater attention to developmental of education, free education to the university level by subsidizing the payment, 240 improved primary health care in 18 LGAs, job creation and opportunities in all sectors, infrastructural development, making of over 350,000 entrepreneurs”

“My government would also create the Ondo State Investment Fund for young entrepreneurs, develop projects for market women and traders, upgrade the transport sector in the state that will create over 30,000 jobs, create friendly environment for investors, granting 100 percent financial autonomy for Osopadec, provision of houses in the three (3) senatorial district and create about 500,000 jobs in 4 years”, he added.

“I would engage with industry and institutional players to design the implementation of the proposed reforms, to entrench the rule of law, aggressively fight corruption, while we are focused on cost reduction and streamlining of government operations for efficiency and effectiveness, we will ensure that the implementation of the reforms is pursued in a way that protects the livelihood of our hardworking and efficient civil servants.

“My government will pursue robust and aggressive reforms of our security agencies with a view to improving their synergy and functional effectiveness. For instance, the local policing and vigilante will be promptly pursued with detailed guidelines.

“My government will pursue aggressive digitization of all judiciary, government, and regulatory agencies to curb corruption and improve governance outcomes and service delivery.
We will drive good and effective governance to create a culture that influences the bureaucracy of government to support the private sector. We will instil a culture of full implementation of government policies and plans to incentivise the private sector and prevent activities that curtail the development of society.

“My government will reactivate and digitalise this allimportant institution to drive responsible and accountable public financial management in governance.

“My government will expand Ondo’s tax base. The tax system and database will be harmonised in the State Internal Revenue Service (SIRS). The populace will be educated and oriented towards perceiving paying taxes as a contribution to the development of the state. We shall vigorously explore every legitimate means to reduce the incidences of tax evasion and improve voluntary tax compliance to provide additional resources for the state to embark on more projects,” he noted.

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