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AIG Zone 2 Enhances Security Measures In The Zone To Abate Security Breakdown Following Fuel Subsidy Removal


Aug 3, 2023

In preparation for the planned strike and protest concerning the removal of fuel subsidies, the Assistant Inspector General of Police, AIG Ari Mohammed Ali, has taken proactive steps to ensure public safety and security in Lagos and Ogun States.

During a recent briefing to the Commissioners of Police in these states, he emphasized the importance of maintaining law and order while respecting citizens’ constitutional rights to peaceful protest.

Ali assured law-abiding citizens that they can continue their daily activities without fear of intimidation or harassment.

However, he issued a stern warning to criminal elements, urging them to relocate from the area. The AIG emphasized that any attempts to disrupt public peace will not be tolerated, and the long arm of the law will swiftly catch up with those responsible.

With a focus on safeguarding the well-being of the community and ensuring a peaceful atmosphere, AIG Ari Mohammed Ali aims to uphold citizens’ rights while maintaining a strong stance against any form of violence or disorder.

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