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NAVTRAC GAMES 2023: CNS Vows To Support Sport Development In All Commands 


Aug 28, 2023

The Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral EI Ogalla has vowed to support and encourage sports development in all commands. 

The CNS who was represented by Rear Admiral Musa Madugu, Admiral Superintendent Naval Ordinances Depot made the vow at the closing ceremony of the NAVTRAC Games 2023 which held from Aug. 20 to 26 at Nigerian Navy Sports Complex, Navy Town, Ojo.

The CNS said the encouragement and support would promote talents and also contribute to national development through sporting activities

“This game started some few days ago with high hope and expectations by the competing athletes to win laurels and emerge as overall winners, I hope these wishes were fulfilled.  

“Therefore, it is my honour to welcome all our guests and well-wishers to this auspicious event marking the end of the 5 days sporting fiesta that lived up to its biddings. I am delighted to give this closing remarks.  

“I wish to reiterate here that, the quality of competition displayed by the athletes under a thorough and fair officiation is quite commendable. I therefore expressed my complete confidence that athletes, officials, invited guests and indeed professional sports scouts enjoyed the event.

“Thus, both winners and losers are victors and you should be proud of your performances. It is my sincere advise that you carry with great resolution your efforts into future competitions.  

“I appreciate the honour of being here to once again witness the impressive events and displays to mark the closing of the NAVTRAC Games 2023. To this, I say well done to the Flag Officer Commanding Naval Training Command, athletes, Officials and organisers for putting up this beautiful display.

“Permit me to reinforce your confidence that the Nigerian Navy will continue to give necessary supports and encouragement to sports development in all commands. This is to promote talents and also contribute to national development through sporting activities such as this. 

“The new talents discovered during this event will be harnessed for future competitions and please don’t rest on your oars. Continue to practice your skills for greater future that awaits you in the ever-promising global sports industry.  

“Importantly, I believe the professional scouts have identified individual talents for engagement. Let me mention here that the Nigerian Navy doors are opened to welcome collaboration with relevant stakeholders in sports development for both local and international exposures,” he said.

The CNS added that it was his moral duty to “order our sports men and women to remain loyal and dedicated to the service of the Nigerian Navy and allegiance to the nation.”

“We shall continue to see sports as a national symbol for unity. Past and recent events have shown that sports is a unifying factor for the heterogenous constituents of this great nation and collectively we are duty bound to uphold this civil responsibility of one indivisible Nigeria’ he said. 

The CNS added that the military has always been involved in sports and it is one of the traditions in the military but in recent times have not really had intra-Command competition. 

“So, this time we are having the competition at the instance of the Flag Officer Commanding, Navy Training Command.

“This will go a long way in keeping our men fit both physically and mentally. So, that’s why we need to be having this competition more regularly than what it used to be.

“Introducing sports also goes a long way in keeping the officers fit and this fitness is paramount in military. With competitions like this, we are actually enhancing the capacity of the men that participated. We are equally encouraging others to be part of it.

“Having watched the finals that was played today, I’m sure you were entertained. Other people who were watching we’re almost jumping into the field to participate because of the excitement.

“Besides the physical aspect of the training, these games also foster unity and creates an avenue for bonding among the participants. The competition brings people from different units who may not have seen themselves since the days in the training school. 

“The FOC NAVTRAC has done a great thing by organizing this competition and I commend his efforts. Other Commands will begin to emulate what he has done and in no time this could become a regular event in the Navy,” he said.

On his part, the Flag Officer Commanding, Naval Training Command, Rear Admiral Patrick Nwatu who commended the CNS for his support towards making the games a successful one said it will improve the Nigerian Navy’s fighting efficiency. 

“We want to thank the Chief of Naval Staff (CNS), Vice Admiral Emmanuel Ikechukwu Ogalla for his overriding decision to ensure the Navy boasts an agile force that depends the nation.

“Riding on that initiative from the CNS, we decided that the Command should institutionalize competitions like this. It didn’t take too long for us to catch the initiative the CNS has for the Navy and this is one of the outcomes of the new Nigerian Navy under the CNC, Vice Admiral Ogalla. 

“I’m also certain that many more similar initiatives will spring up across the Navy and this will improve our fighting efficiency amid all the troubles the nation is going through.

“With the enormous security challenges in the country, it is pertinent to have the Navy fit and this is one of the ways to achieve that. We are starting from this level but we expect it to grow bigger to enable the Navy become the best fighting force in Africa,” he said. 

The FOC said that the games which will become an annual event is also part of National security as it keeps the officers fit and combat ready.

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