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Nigeria Customs Service Elevates 357 Junior Officers In Landmark Decision


Dec 11, 2023

During the 7th Management meeting on December 1, 2023, the Nigeria Customs Service unveiled a pivotal decision to advance 357 dedicated officers within its ranks. Led by Comptroller General Bashir Adeniyi MFR, the Management sanctioned the elevation of personnel from various positions, marking a significant stride in the service’s development.

The promotions spanned diverse roles, encompassing both General Duty and Support Staff categories. The breakdown showcases 246 promotions from Assistant Inspector of Customs (AIC) to Inspector of Customs (IC) in the General Duty, alongside 37 in the Support Staff category. Additionally, 39 Customs Assistant I (CAI) officers rose to AIC in General Duty, 27 in the Support Staff, while 7 CAII moved up to CAI in Support Staff, and one CAIII ascended to CAII in General Duty.

This decisive move reflects the visionary leadership of the Comptroller-General, focusing on motivation, acknowledging excellence, and rewarding diligence among the service’s personnel.

Extending his heartfelt congratulations, the Comptroller-General emphasized the continued commitment expected from the newly promoted officers. He urged them to intensify their efforts in upholding the service’s core mandates, including Revenue Generation, Smuggling Suppression, and Trade Facilitation.

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