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Navy Foils Drug Smuggling Attempt, Seizes Over 5,000kg Of Cannabis Sativa On Lagos Waters


Dec 13, 2023

Under the steadfast initiative, Operation Water Guard, the Nigerian Navy Ship Beecroft has achieved a significant milestone in maritime security. In a meticulously executed interception, the Patrol Team, helmed by Commodore Kolawole Olumide Oguntuga, seized a colossal wooden vessel off Lagos Anchorage, laden with over 5,000 kilograms of suspected Cannabis Sativa on the 7th of December 2023.

The operational triumph is credited to a fusion of reliable human intelligence and the sophisticated Maritime Domain Awareness Facility, Falcon Eye Alignment. This synergistic approach showcases the Navy’s dedication to fortifying maritime security for sustained economic growth.

The interception resulted in the apprehension of two foreign suspects, identified as Mr. Emmanuel Doedcher and Mr. Godswil John Olamide, both hailing from Ghana. Alongside the suspects, the confiscated vessel and its illegal cargo were promptly handed over to the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency for further investigation and necessary legal proceedings.

This successful mission underscores the Nigerian Navy’s resolute commitment to curbing the impact of drug trafficking, recognized as a catalyst for various crimes and threats to national security.

The operation stands in alignment with Vice Admiral EI Ogalla’s Strategic Directives, emphasizing collaborative efforts with stakeholders, institutions, and government agencies to combat maritime criminal activities effectively.

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