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Irate Youths Causing Mayhem In Kerang Apprehended As Operation SAFE HAVEN Condemns Violent Attack


Jan 26, 2024

Operation SAFE HAVEN has strongly condemned the recent violent attack and wanton destruction of properties carried out by youths in Kerang communities.

The unrest not only involved the destruction and looting of properties but also included an attack on Airforce Personnel enforcing the 24-hour curfew in Kerang Mangu, Plateau State. The perpetrators of this violent act have been successfully apprehended, and a cache of dangerous weapons used in the attack has been seized.

In an alarming display of aggression, the youth of Kerang Mangu initiated an assault on the deployed troops responsible for maintaining peace and security during the curfew. This attack, which involved firing at the troops’ patrol vehicles, posed a significant threat to the safety of both the military personnel and the entire community.

In response to this incident, the military conducted an operation resulting in the successful recovery of a substantial arsenal of weapons. The seized items include one AK-47 rifle, four locally fabricated automatic rifles, one locally made mortar bomb launcher, seven empty shells of 7.62mm, one empty shell of a cartridge, one pistol magazine, 36 Boris, three rounds of 7.62mm, and seven rounds of 9 x 19mm.

The Nigerian Military vehemently denounces this reckless and unlawful act of violence. Such behavior not only jeopardizes the lives of dedicated troops but also undermines the peace and stability of the entire community. The military is unwavering in its commitment to upholding the rule of law and will not tolerate any attempts to disrupt the peace and security of the region.

The peace-loving people of Kerang and all citizens are urged to refrain from engaging in acts of violence and to respect the authority of the state. The imposition of the 24-hour curfew was a necessary measure to safeguard the lives and property of all residents, and it is crucial that it be adhered to for the collective well-being of the community.

The military assures the people of Plateau State that every effort will be made to ensure the safety and security of all law-abiding citizens. Cooperation from the community in providing information that may lead to the apprehension of any individuals involved in unlawful activities is crucial.

Operation SAFE HAVEN remains committed to working in partnership with the people of Plateau State to foster a peaceful and secure environment for all.

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