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The Truth Alliance Exposes Boko Haram’s Deception And Manipulation


Mar 29, 2024

A coalition of civil society groups, known as the Truth Alliance, has emerged to shed light on the deceitful tactics employed by violent extremist organizations like Boko Haram and ISWAP. In a recent address, members of the Alliance condemned the blatant disregard for human life and Islamic principles exhibited by these groups in their recent atrocities.

Describing the ongoing kidnappings as “deeply destructive to the fabric of our once peaceful society,” the Truth Alliance issued a stern warning to all stakeholders engaged in the fight against extremism. They accused violent extremist groups of being “morally bankrupt” for misleading the Nigerian populace and perpetrating acts of violence that sow chaos and death.

Ahmad Mustapha, a spokesperson for the Truth Alliance, emphasized the deceptive nature of these extremist groups, stating, “They are always out to harm innocent people, they lie, they cheat, and they commit all sorts of crimes against every member of society. They claim to represent Islam, but the truth is far from that.”

In the aftermath of a suicide bombing that claimed the lives of innocent Muslim worshippers in Northeast Nigeria, members of the Truth Alliance denounced the perpetrators, asserting that such actions have no place in Islam and display a callous disregard for those observing religious practices during the holiest month of the year.

The Truth Alliance, characterized as a fearless advocate for justice and transparency, is dedicated to uncovering the truth behind extremist agendas and empowering communities to resist tyranny and violence. Through educational initiatives, outreach programs, and collaborative efforts, the Alliance aims to foster a safer and more resilient society for all.

Under the banner of the “Time to Tell the Truth” campaign, the Truth Alliance has united to expose the tactics employed by violent extremist groups to recruit young individuals into their ranks. Their message is unequivocal: these groups manipulate, deceive, control, kill, kidnap, and destroy, while their ideology remains inherently weak.

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