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Navy Investigates Circumstances Surrounding The Untimely Death of Mr. Ifeanyi Richard Onumaegbu


Apr 11, 2024

The Nigerian Navy (NN) issued a press release on April 11, 2024, expressing deep sorrow over the passing of Mr. Ifeanyi Richard Onumaegbu and the troubling circumstances surrounding his demise. Mr. Onumaegbu was an esteemed member of the NN family, serving as a civilian staff of the Ministry of Defence attached to the Laboratory Department of the Nigerian Navy Reference Hospital (NNRH) in Ojo, Lagos since 2009. He was described as a dedicated and commendable worker.

On March 31, 2024, Mr. Onumaegbu was discovered lifeless in his office at NNRH. A preliminary investigation uncovered an altercation involving the deceased, a civilian lady, and some NN personnel at the Navy Town barracks on March 26, 2024, just days before his passing.

In response, the NN has taken swift action by identifying and placing under close custody all suspected personnel and the civilian lady involved in the altercation preceding Mr. Onumaegbu’s death. Additionally, the NN has facilitated the transfer of the deceased’s body to a reputable government hospital in Lagos, as requested by the family, for a thorough autopsy.

The NN assured the family of the deceased and the public that every necessary measure is being taken to ascertain the cause of Mr. Onumaegbu’s death. Furthermore, the NN emphasized its commitment to ensuring that anyone found responsible for his untimely demise will be prosecuted in accordance with applicable laws.

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