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TCIP Comptroller Records Remarkable 139% Revenue Surplus In Q1 2024


Apr 17, 2024

The Customs Area Controller, Comptroller Dera A. Nnadi mni, has proudly announced a significant achievement in revenue generation for the first quarter of 2024, achieving a 139% surplus over the targeted figures. This success translates into an excess revenue of ₦177,079,358,035.36 compared to the same period in 2023.

In a meeting held on April 15, 2024, Comptroller Nnadi credited the remarkable performance to the dedication and teamwork of the officers and men of the command. He emphasized the importance of maintaining high standards of service delivery for stakeholders and continuing to foster effective teamwork. The meeting also addressed challenges and laid out new strategies for meeting the revenue targets for April and the subsequent months, underlining the importance of treating stakeholders with respect while ensuring compliance.

During Q1 2024, the command’s total revenue collection reached ₦303,937,547,265.47, a stark increase from the ₦126,858,189,231.31 recorded during the same period last year. The month-by-month breakdown shows consistent growth, with January seeing a 107.9% increase, February a 141.8% increase, and March a 163.9% increase in revenue compared to the respective months in 2023.

The enforcement and anti-smuggling efforts have also been vigorous, with significant seizures made, including 57 packets of heroin and 3,612 packets of Colorado Indica, highlighting the command’s relentless pursuit to curtail illegal activities. These efforts complement the command’s strategy to minimize revenue loss and enhance operational efficiency.

On the innovation front, the command has been proactive in hosting various stakeholder forums and advancing initiatives like the Time Release Study (TRS) to boost efficiency in customs operations. The establishment of new terminals at TCIP is set to further streamline operations and accommodate the growing demand.

Furthermore, the command has seen a significant increase in export volumes and values, with exports like cocoa butter, cocoa beans, and cashew nuts showing substantial growth, enhancing the command’s contribution to the national economy.

In conclusion, Comptroller Nnadi expressed gratitude towards the Comptroller General of Customs, BA Adeniyi MFR, and his management team for their support and leadership. Looking forward, the command remains committed to leveraging digitalization and modernization to drive further improvements in service and performance.

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