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NPF Announces Major Breakthrough In Abuja-Kaduna Train Attack With Arrest of Key Suspect


May 3, 2024

The Nigeria Police Force, under the leadership of Inspector General of Police, IGP Kayode Adeolu Egbetokun, has made a significant breakthrough in combating violent crime along the Abuja-Kaduna Expressway and surrounding areas. A comprehensive police operation has led to the arrest of the mastermind behind the notorious Abuja/Kaduna train attack and the parading of 63 suspects implicated in a range of violent crimes.

The arrest of Ibrahim Abdullahi, also known as MANDE, marks a pivotal moment in the police efforts to secure the notorious Kaduna-Abuja highway. Abdullahi, identified as the leader of a kidnap syndicate, was apprehended at the Abuja-Kaduna Road flyover by Rido Junction. His criminal activities include a string of kidnappings and his involvement in the March 28, 2022, train attack that resulted in multiple fatalities and abductions.

The strategic deployment of aerial support along the train route, including a helicopter escort for trains, has been a crucial element in enhancing security and deterring criminal activities. This initiative is part of a broader set of measures implemented under IGP Egbetokun’s directive, which have collectively led to the arrest of numerous suspects linked to armed robbery, kidnapping, murder, rape, and cult-related crimes since January 2024.

The successful police operations have also resulted in the recovery of 16 firearms, 686 ammunition, 28 stolen vehicles, and over 200 harmful weapons. Additionally, police efforts have reclaimed 600 bags of fertilizer and N3,350,000 in ransom money, demonstrating the extensive impact of these operations on criminal enterprises in the region.

Among the recovered assets, the most significant is the safe rescue of 158 kidnapped victims, who have since been reunited with their families, emphasizing the human impact of the police’s relentless pursuit of justice.

The IGP has reaffirmed the force’s commitment to maintaining public safety and security across Nigeria, emphasizing that the measures implemented along the Abuja-Kaduna Expressway will be replicated nationwide to counteract the threat of criminal elements.

As the majority of the arrested suspects have been charged to court, the Nigeria Police Force continues to hold the remaining 63 suspects in custody, pending further legal proceedings. The dedication of the Nigeria Police Force to these operations highlights their ongoing commitment to ensuring that citizens can travel safely throughout the country without fear of criminal interference.

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