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CISLAC Speak Out Against Corruption And Attacks On Anti-Corruption Agencies


May 2, 2024

Civil society groups have united to denounce corruption and condemn attacks on anti-corruption agencies in Nigeria, emphasizing the urgent need for collective action and accountability in combating pervasive corruption.

Concerned civil society organizations and members of the press convened at a press briefing in Abuja today to address the state of the fight against corruption in Nigeria and decry the malicious attacks on anti-corruption agencies. The event served as a rallying cry for collective action and accountability in the face of pervasive corruption threatening the nation’s progress.

Despite challenges facing Nigeria, including corruption and a lack of significant progress in democracy over the past twenty-four years, millions of citizens continue to uphold faith in the democratic system. However, recent malicious attacks and deliberate efforts to blackmail anti-corruption agencies have raised concerns about the integrity of the nation’s fight against corruption.

Key Issues Highlighted include judicial corruption, corruption enablers, procurement of political power, inadequate budgetary allocation, rising disinformation, recruitment of youth into criminality, and undermining sub-national anti-corruption institutions.

The briefing concluded with a series of recommendations to address corruption and strengthen anti-corruption efforts. These include calls for judicial integrity, transparency, and accountability, political accountability, adequate funding for anti-corruption agencies, public awareness campaigns, reinstatement of police personnel, and enhanced civil society engagement.

Signed representatives of various civil society organizations underscored the importance of collective action in combating corruption and urged all Nigerians to stand against corruption and work towards a corruption-free Nigeria.

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