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Navy Captures Fugitive Vessel MV BLU-SHARK In National Waters


May 11, 2024

The Nigerian Navy (NN) successfully arrested the vessel MV BLU-SHARK, under the coordination of the Multinational Maritime Co-ordination Center Zone D. The vessel, bearing IMO number 8767783, was apprehended by the Nigerian Navy Ship OSE (NNS OSE) at coordinates Latitude 040 49 929’E, Longitude 008017 602’E near Calabar, following an alert about its escape from Port Gentil, Gabon without proper customs clearance on May 2.

This operation is a part of the ongoing collaboration under the Yaoundé Code of Conduct, aimed at enhancing maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea and supporting the nation’s Blue Economy. The Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Emmanuel Ikechukwu Ogalla, commended the crew of NNS OSE for their professionalism and reaffirmed the Navy’s dedication to combating transnational maritime crimes.

The NN will conduct initial investigations to determine the legitimacy of the allegations against MV BLU-SHARK and proceed as required by regional maritime laws.

Commodore A Adams-Aliu, on behalf of the Chief of Naval Staff, has requested the dissemination of this information to the public to highlight the effective maritime governance and security measures enforced by the Nigerian Navy.

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