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General Musa Visits Operation AWATSE Troops, Vows To Enhance Capabilities, Combat Vandalism


May 16, 2024

The Chief of Defence Staff, General Christopher Gwabin Musa, visited the troops of Operation AWATSE today to commend their efforts in combating pipeline vandalism and criminal activities in the Southwest.

General Musa emphasized the importance of their work and pledged to address the challenges they face to enhance their capabilities.

“We are here today to see the troops of Operation AWATSE, to commend them for their efforts,” General Musa stated. “They have been achieving so much, addressing the issues of pipeline vandalization and all forms of criminality within the Southwest.

We received a detailed briefing from the commander and have looked into the challenges they are facing. We are going to address them and see how we can enhance their capacity and capabilities.”

General Musa praised the troops for their performance but encouraged them to strive for even better results.

He also appealed to those engaged in criminal activities to cease their actions, highlighting the environmental damage and economic harm caused by vandalism.

“Vandalization does nobody any good. You pollute the environment and affect the production of crude oil, which impacts all Nigerians,” he said. “We know the country is going through trying periods now, but we are confident we will get through it.

The President and his team are doing everything possible to ensure that Nigeria recovers economically and physically.”

General Musa assured that the military is committed to apprehending those responsible for criminal activities and ensuring they face justice.

He stressed the need for a thorough legal process to prevent arrested individuals and vessels from re-entering the system.

“We have looked at the legal aspects of arrests and will ensure that once someone is apprehended, they will face the full weight of the law. This will serve as a deterrent to others,” he added. “We appreciate all Nigerians for their support and appeal for even more cooperation.”

During an informal session with other officers, General Musa emphasized the importance of safety measures, urging all personnel to wear life jackets during sea operations and to learn how to swim, as it enhances their service capabilities.

Operation AWATSE continues to play a crucial role in securing Nigeria’s critical infrastructure and combating criminal activities, with ongoing support and oversight from the nation’s top defense officials.

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