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CISLAC Urges Swift Resolution To Preserve Peace Amid Kano Emirate Power Struggle


May 26, 2024

The Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC) has raised serious concerns over the escalating power struggle between the reinstated Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II, and the dethroned Emir, Alhaji Aminu Ado Bayero. CISLAC warns that this conflict poses a severe risk to the peace and stability of Kano State and the broader Northern Nigeria region.

Auwal Musa Rafsanjani, Executive Director of CISLAC, issued a stark warning against exploiting the turmoil to declare a state of emergency in Kano State. “Such actions are reckless and unnecessary provocations that could dismantle over 1,000 years of Kano’s political heritage,” Rafsanjani asserted.

The controversy intensified following a court ruling that enabled the controversial return of Emir Aminu Bayero, a decision made by a judge currently out of the country. CISLAC questions the legitimacy of this ruling, labeling it a “kangaroo court order” and criticizing its use to justify the police and security operatives’ actions in Kano State.

Rafsanjani highlighted the constitutional authority of the state government to appoint and confirm traditional leaders, including the Emir, and condemned attempts to usurp this power. “The state government’s autonomy in managing its traditional institutions must be respected to prevent further conflict,” he emphasized.

CISLAC also called on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to resist any attempts by politicians to exploit the situation for political gain, warning that such actions could jeopardize the stability of both the state and the region. “The federal government must not allow itself to be used as a tool to further political interests that threaten the stability of Kano State,” Rafsanjani stated.

As an advocate for democracy and peace, CISLAC opposes any form of violence and abuse of institutional power in Kano State. The organization urges all relevant authorities to prioritize dialogue and adhere to lawful processes to resolve the crisis.

“Progress in Kano is synonymous with progress in Northern Nigeria. The current turmoil threatens to reverse significant developmental strides in the region,” Rafsanjani noted, calling on citizens and stakeholders to work together to preserve Kano’s integrity and progress.

CISLAC reaffirms its commitment to promoting democracy, peace, and stability in Nigeria and calls for an immediate, peaceful resolution to the conflict, urging respect for the rule of law and the rights of the Kano State Government.

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