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THE WOMEN CALLED WIVES: A Movie Advocating For Change, Resilience Among Naval Officers’ Wives


May 31, 2024

In an inspiring initiative to address societal issues and advocate for change, Abaji Maimuna Yahaya, a renowned actor, movie producer, and naval wife, has produced a film titled “The Women Called Wives.” Yahaya, who also serves as the National PRO of the Naval Officers Wives Association, emphasizes that the movie aims to instill core values and highlight the unique challenges faced by women married to military men.

“The idea behind the movie is advocacy,” Yahaya explained. “We try to use the movie to talk about core values that we want to impact in society and things that we think should be changed because, over time, there’s been an evolution. Some traditional practices have not changed. As a woman, I chose to speak about those things and, if possible, correct them.”

“The Women Called Wives” delves into pressing issues such as hunger, starvation, unemployment, drug abuse, and the struggles within marriages and family units. It sheds light on the peculiar challenges faced by military wives and offers guidance on coping, adapting, and improving family dynamics.

Mrs. Yahaya expressed confidence that the film would significantly impact women in the naval community. “We have taken steps to speak about some of the things we have considered as ills and documented them in a movie form to educate. We are watching to see how we can apply this in our homes, support our husbands, and make positive changes.”

The movie, which will be aired on DSTV and shown to officers’ wives nationwide, aims to reorient thinking and promote resilience. “When you see a movie over time, it begins to gradually affect the way you think. We will achieve the reorientation that we are working on,” Yahaya noted.

Abaji Maimuna Yahaya prioritizes activities that build her family and mind, participating in training, events, and seminars designed to support naval officers’ wives. “It takes a strong breed to be married to a military man. We need to stay focused, strong, and supportive.”

As part of their initiatives, the Naval Officers Wives Association hosts programs to impact both commissioned and non-commissioned officers’ wives, emphasizing strength, mental and physical well-being, and self-love.

Yahaya also highlighted the importance of prayer for military wives. “Every woman, whether a military wife or not, should be prayerful. Without God, we will all be losing our minds. The uncertainty of our husbands’ safety is scary, and prayer is a stabilizing factor.”

Her message to officers’ wives is clear: “Be strong, be prayerful, pray for your husbands day and night, stabilize your homes, and preserve your minds and those of your families. We will continue to sail in unity and unison.”

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