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NPF Announce Recovery of Abandoned Vehicles, Tricycle In Anambra State


Jun 21, 2024

The Anambra State Police Command has announced the recovery of several abandoned vehicles and a tricycle, urging the public, particularly residents of Anambra (Ndi Anambra), to come forward if they are missing a vehicle.

The recovered items include:

1. SUV Spot AGF KIV Jeep (Black) with registration number KJA 983 AQ
2. Toyota Highlander Jeep (Wine Red) with registration number APP 451 GG
3. Two Mitsubishi L-300 Buses (Blue) with registration numbers ATN 980 ZK and LND 747 XK
4. Toyota Venza (Red) with registration number GGE 539 JF
5. Lexus RX350 (Gray) with registration number BDG 561 JD
6. Toyota Venza (White) with registration number AGL 936 NX
7. Toyota Camry (White) with registration number KRD 189 JAC
8. Tricycle (Yellow) without a registration number
9. Toyota RAV4 (Black) with registration number MUS 77 DS
10. Mercedes Benz 550 CLS (White) without a registration number
11. BMW 650i (White) without a registration number

The Police Command invites anyone or any group searching for these vehicles to visit the State Criminal Investigations Department in Awka. Claimants are required to provide valid proof or evidence of ownership for verification and possible collection.

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