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Igbo Traders Union To Move Spare Parts Market In Lagos To East


Mar 22, 2023

No international airport,and seaports here that’s why our people prefer to site those maga markets over there in the west but the Eastern Nigeria stakeholder home and diaspora has resolved to start the opening of the capital city of Igbo nation Gods own state Abia State.

Computer village in Lagos state shall be relocated to Aba in Abia State while Spare parts market is to come down to Onisha Anambra state.

Alaba International Market will function better in Nnewi, Ogoja, Enugu, Akwa Ibom and other regions of Eastern Nigeria. States south east and South South States.

Enough is Enough igbos or South South States origins that resident in Lagos or any part of the south west Yorubas and northern Hausa states will no longer take continuous threat or intimidations just as it often happened like we see during this just concluded failed general election in Nigeria.

A worlds class international airport and stadium with seaports both train station connectivity has been designed to be open in Abia State capital city of eastern Nigeria nation in the design blessed city of New Jerusalem city in Umunna Nsulu huge landscape they shall be connectivity of the train within the entire Eastern Nigeria states is time we over look northern Nigeria and Western Nigeria and start building our nation.

We consider the system of electrical process in Nigeria as a plan work to stop eastern Nigeria igbos to progress as the act of the failure of INEC to discharge a free and fair transparency election in Nigeria show no hope or future for any igbo children on earth since we are 100% sure if INEC has done the right thing in this just concluded presidential election LP candidate from Igbo nation could have been declared winner of the presidential election but INEC declare APC winner which has shown huge failure in the 2023 election in Nigeria, but we has the record now that His Excellency, Mr. Peter Obi has officially filed a petition to the Presidential Election Tribunal sitting in Abuja.

As a sign to peaceful coexistence that runs in the blood of igbos we have resolved to follow the legal steps to see that the daylight robbery of people mandate will be retrieved back using peaceful legal system.

But for the continuous threats against eastern Nigerians who is traders who the intimidations on daily basis in many parts of Nigeria in the North and South West we have reached resolved to start our nation building.

Apc are actually trying to create a tyrant government. Whether the masses likes it or not with what is happening in Lagos. They must rule them and they have vowed to get there allys planted in all the regions of the country by hook or crook just to ensure that the masses continue to suffer in poverty, death tolls in APC government.

Hon. Vincent Anthony Ubani Global Director General in charge of the Project Rescue Mission for New Nigeria Movement call on the masses to stay calm, focus and wait for directions since if INEC refuse to reverse the rigging of the 2023 presidential election results in favour of APC we shall push them even in legal system and pressure system of the Nigerians home and diaspora until INEC agree to our demand since legal petition to this regards is already on established.

For more confidential information Whatsapp Hotline 09052065039 Global Director General Hon Vincent Anthony Ubani desk.

Please kindly share this information to all platforms home and diaspora for everyone to read.

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