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Okeke Commends Arase’s Remarkable Transformation Of New PSC, Appeals For Government Support


Aug 16, 2023

The founding Chairman of the Police Service Commission, Chief Simeon Okeke, has commended the current Chairman and retired Inspector General of Police, Dr. Solomon Arase for his remarkable achievements in leading the Commission.

He said this when paid a visit to the Commission’s Corporate Headquarters located in Jabi, Abuja.

Okeke expressed his admiration for the significant transformation that had taken place within the Commission. He took the opportunity to appeal to the Federal Government for assistance in addressing the Commission’s financial challenges.

Speaking further, he requested the government’s support in settling the accumulated debts tied to unpaid allowances owed to staff members for their dedicated service over the years preceding Dr. Arase’s tenure.

He emphasized that this gesture from the government would not only motivate the staff to enhance their commitment to their duties but also contribute to the success of Dr. Arase’s mission within the Commission.

Okeke’s remarks were delivered during an impromptu courtesy visit to Dr. Arase. Speaking on the sidelines of his visit, Chief Okeke expressed his satisfaction with the positive developments he observed within the Commission’s Corporate Headquarters.

“It is more of a pioneering work with what Arase is making of the Commission, doing it with zeal and persuasion to succeed and overcome which I know of him as a Police Officer. He has all the ingredients to overcome and his entry into this Office must have been a big obstacle but he has conquered” he noted.

Okeke expressed that Arase has achieved a prosperous tenure within the Commission, emphasizing his contentment in witnessing the staff in their official capacities rather than as mere tenants. He urged both the current staff and future appointees to collaborate with the Chairman enthusiastically, with the aim of restoring the Commission’s former prestige.

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