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Ecobank Issues Warning To Customers Regarding Surge In Sim Card Fraud


Oct 1, 2023

Ecobank has issued another warning regarding the perils of SIM swap fraud, emphasizing the potential for fraudsters to exploit this method for impersonation.

In an email message sent to its customers, the bank elucidated that SIM swap fraud transpires when malicious individuals utilize your phone number to gain unauthorized access to your accounts.

According to the bank, “Scammers impersonate you and trick your mobile phone’s carrier into activating a SIM card, which gives them control over your phone number. It means scammers could potentially enter your username and password when logging onto your online banking platform and then receive the SMS verification code to access your account.

“Protect yourself against SIM swaps, don’t share personal information that fraudsters could use to impersonate you (such as your mother’s maiden name or birthplace) on social media. Never reveal your logins and passwords for your mobile phone, online bank, or credit card accounts to anyone. Please always report any suspicious activity”.

The Pan African bank has also issued a reminder to its customers, emphasizing that the bank would never request their personal or financial information.

They strongly advised customers to exercise caution when receiving emails containing website links, urging them to verify the legitimacy of the website before visiting it.

Ecobank also urged its customers not to engage with emails, text messages, or unsolicited phone calls from unfamiliar individuals requesting their personal or banking information.

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