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Lagos MOTOPOL CSP Oriyomi Commends, Rewards Exceptional Traffic Officers


Dec 2, 2023

In a heartwarming gesture of appreciation, Lagos State Police Traffic Officer (MOTOPOL) CSP Oriyomi Titilayo Oluwasami recently surprised two diligent traffic officers in Lagos by recognizing their hard work and dedication with special gifts.

Inspector Adeniyi Opeoluwa from Motopol Monitor 75 Ejigbo division and Adefolaolu Timothy, an official of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA), were the fortunate recipients of CSP Oriyomi’s tokens of appreciation.

According to Oriyomi, while the gifts may not be extravagant, they serve as a morale boost and encouragement for the recipients, aiming to motivate them to continue their exceptional work.

“It is a routine for me to traverse the city of Lagos and acknowledge those aiding in traffic control. I consistently reward individuals who stand out in their duties. For instance, the LASTMA official stationed at Radio junction, known as the ‘dancing LATSMA official,’ has caught the attention of people passing through Alausa. His cheerful demeanor while controlling traffic, dancing and smiling, even though not a policeman, showcases exceptional commitment to his duty,” stated CSP Oriyomi.

Expressing her appreciation for the hardworking officers, Oriyomi mentioned her plans to continue this commendable practice, highlighting that she has other traffic officers in mind for similar rewards.

“My goal is to recognize and appreciate those who make my job easier. It’s heartening that some of our exemplary officers are being nominated for awards. Two of my officers will receive awards at a special event organized by the Crime Reporters Association of Nigeria (CRAN) on December 7. I am delighted that our efforts are being noticed. These awards challenge us to do more for society, ensuring traffic flows smoothly. I am committed to advancing the movement of Lagos,” added Oriyomi enthusiastically.

The commendable gesture by CSP Oriyomi reaffirms the commitment of Lagos traffic officers to ensuring efficient traffic control and underscores the significance of recognizing and appreciating exceptional dedication in public service.

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