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PSC Boss Urges National Action Against Financial Crimes For Security, Development


Dec 7, 2023

Former Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dr. Solomon Arase has underscored the urgent necessity of tackling financial crimes as a pivotal step towards securing the nation and fostering robust development.

Dr. Arase emphasized the pivotal role CRAN plays as a watchdog in the security space, acknowledging the association’s efforts in monitoring, reporting, and sensitizing citizens on crime-related issues. He commended CRAN’s leadership under President Olalekan Olabulo for strengthening the association’s focus and commitment.

He delved into the gravity of financial crimes, quoting a report estimating an $18 billion annual loss due to illicit financial activities in Nigeria. Dr. Arase praised CRAN’s decision to spotlight financial crime in this year’s lecture, recognizing the association’s commitment to addressing contemporary crime dynamics nationally and globally.

The former IGP highlighted the interconnectedness of financial crimes, national insecurity, and underdevelopment, stressing the need for enhanced professional capacity and inter-agency synergy among law enforcement bodies. He raised poignant questions about institutional capacity, legal frameworks, global partnerships, citizen obligations, and judicial effectiveness in combating financial crimes.

Dr. Arase outlined crucial expectations from the event, emphasizing the importance of recommendations in bridging security agencies’ capacity gaps, fostering interagency collaboration, leveraging global opportunities, developing national protocols, and strengthening financial crime safeguards.

Assuring the Police Service Commission’s commitment to enhancing the force’s institutional capacity, Dr. Arase revealed ongoing initiatives, including international training opportunities and efforts to reorganize the Force Criminal Investigation Department.

He pledged continuous support to the Federal Government’s Police Reform Agenda and other frameworks aimed at bolstering inter-agency collaboration and security sector capacity in combating financial crimes.

In conclusion, Dr. Arase commended CRAN’s initiative, expressing his support and anticipation for collaboration in achieving their shared patriotic mandate. He wished the attendees a productive engagement and thanked them for their presence and attentive participation.

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