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Unity Bank MD Urges Policy Measures Against Gender-Based Violence


Dec 7, 2023

Group Head, Compliance, Unity Bank Plc, Mrs. Patricia Ahunanya; Producer of BECKMA, Best Okoduwa; and Head, Communications and Brand Management, Mr. Matthew Obiazikwor at the premiere and screening of BECKMA movie at Ebony Life Cinema recently.

The Managing Director of Unity Bank Plc, Mrs. Tomi Somefun, has made a fervent call for comprehensive policy actions aimed at dismantling the structures that perpetuate gender-based violence in Nigeria. This appeal was made during the BECKMA movie premiere, supported by Unity Bank at the Ebony Life Cinema in Lagos, a platform addressing gender-based violence issues and advocating for societal transformation.

Mrs. Somefun, while expressing Unity Bank’s commitment to partnering with the movie premiere, emphasized the institution’s dedication to promoting sustainability and gender equality. Represented by Unity Bank’s Group Head of Compliance, Mrs. Patricia Ahunanya, Somefun highlighted concerning statistics from a recent UNDP study in Nigeria, revealing alarming rates of sexual assault and physical violence experienced by women.

“Gender-based violence transcends being solely a women’s issue; it’s a societal ailment requiring collective attention,” noted Somefun. She stressed the urgent need for comprehensive policy actions to eradicate the structures fostering such atrocities, urging policymakers to institute stringent laws with swift and severe consequences for perpetrators. Somefun emphasized the crucial role of homes and organizations as catalysts for change, encouraging them to inspire others to take a stand against gender-based violence.

In commendation of ARDA Development Communications Inc. for its initiatives aligning with Sustainable Development Goal 5 (SDG5) to promote gender equality and empowerment, Somefun assured of Unity Bank’s unwavering commitment to sustainable initiatives. She pledged further collaboration and advocacy programs aimed at eliminating gender-based violence from society.

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