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2024 IMOKA FESTIVAL: Anambra State CP Warns Against Criminal Activities, Reinforces Commitment To Public Safety


May 28, 2024

As the Imoka Awka Festival is set to commence on May 28, 2024, the Commissioner of Police, CP Nnaghe Obono Itam, has issued a stern warning to criminal elements who might exploit the festivities to cause disruptions and endanger the public. The CP emphasized the Command’s unwavering commitment to enforcing the law and ensuring public safety during the celebrations.

CP Itam conveyed his concerns during a meeting with key organizers of the festival, including the Speaker of Eze Ezu Awka Community, the Palace Secretary of Eze Ezu, the Youth Leader, and other community stakeholders at the Anambra State Police Command headquarters in Awka. He expressed disappointment that the community had not formally informed the Command about the festival, stressing the importance of cooperation with the police to ensure a smooth and safe celebration.

The Commissioner urged the community to work closely with law enforcement to prevent any criminal activities disguised as festivities. He called on residents, particularly the indigenes of Awka, to remain law-abiding, vigilant, and security-conscious at all times.

In light of the upcoming festival, CP Itam has ordered the deployment of officers to conduct intensified confidence-building and crime prevention patrols in identified areas of Awka. This proactive measure aims to deter any potential criminal activities and maintain public order throughout the festival period.

The Anambra State Police Command also provided emergency contact information for residents to request security services. Citizens can call 07039194332 or PRO 08039334002 for a prompt response. Additionally, the ‘npf rescue me app’ is available for free download on both Android and Apple iOS platforms, allowing users to quickly access emergency services.

SP Tochukwu Ikenga, the Police Public Relations Officer of Anambra State Command, reiterated the Command’s dedication to safeguarding the community during the Imoka Festival and beyond. The police encourage all residents to report any suspicious activities and cooperate with law enforcement to ensure a safe and enjoyable festival for all.

As the community prepares to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the Imoka Festival, the Anambra State Police Command remains steadfast in its mission to protect the lives and property of all citizens, ensuring that the festivities proceed without incident.

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