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CSR: Navy Celebrates 68th Anniversary With Security And Drug Awareness Outreach In Badagry Schools


May 30, 2024

In celebration of the Nigerian Navy’s 68th anniversary and Children’s Day, the Nigerian Navy made a significant outreach to local schools in Badagry. Lt. Commander Alaba Egbayelo, representing Navy Captain BA Amakiri, Commanding Officer of the Forward Operating Base (FOB) Badagry, visited Methodist Senior High School and Topo Senior Grammar School to engage with students and promote awareness on security and drug abuse prevention.

“This initiative is part of our civil-military relationship program during Navy Week,” said Lt. Commander Egbayelo. “We aim to connect with the civilian populace, particularly the youth, to teach them security tips and the dangers of drug abuse. By doing this, we contribute to their education and help them make informed choices.”

The visit included interactive sessions where Navy officers provided vital information on personal security and the risks associated with drug abuse. The program also emphasized the importance of community vigilance and proactive measures to ensure safety.

“We aim to reach out to our host communities beyond just providing security,” added Lt. Commander Egbayelo. “This direct interaction allows us to educate the youth on critical issues, fostering a safer environment for everyone. We plan to continue these visits to more schools to broaden our impact.”

The distribution of the writing materials, which included books and other educational supplies at Topo Senior Grammar School and Methodist Senior High School Badagry emphasized the significance of promoting quality education within the community

Students expressed their gratitude for the initiative. Precious Ben-Anorue from SS2A of Topo Senior Grammar School shared her experience: “The program has enlightened me on how to protect myself both physically and mentally. The knowledge gained today will help me in many areas of my life, and I am grateful to the Nigerian Navy for this opportunity.”

Kehinde Dosu, also from SS2 at Topo Senior Grammar School, echoed similar sentiments: “I learned about the dangers of drug abuse and how to secure myself in various situations, including online safety. This program has been very informative and beneficial.”

The Nigerian Navy’s efforts highlight their commitment to community engagement and youth education, aiming to reduce drug abuse and enhance security awareness among young people.

The initiative underscores the importance of civil-military cooperation in addressing societal challenges and fostering a secure and healthy environment for future generations.

The Navy encourages community members to stay vigilant and report any suspicious activities, reinforcing the message that everyone’s cooperation is essential in maintaining safety.

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