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DSS Debunks Allegations Circulated By Online Media Outlets


Jul 10, 2023

The Department of State Services (DSS) has debunked a false reports recently propagated by certain sections of the online media, specifically SaharaReporters, Peoples Gazette, and Jackson Ude.

According to a statement signed by the Public Relations Officer of the Service, Dr. Peter Afunanya, SaharaReporters, for instance, claimed that the DSS conducted operations at the Independent Corrupt Practices and other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) and the Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB), seized files from their premises.

In the same vein, Jackson Ude falsely alleged that there was internal turmoil within the DSS due to nepotism and accused the Service of surveillance on Judges of the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal. Additionally, Peoples Gazette reported the arrest of Senator Abdulaziz Yari for purportedly refusing to answer a phone call from the President (whatever that may imply).
The statement partly read, “Various other unsubstantiated and anonymous petitions have also been circulating, targeting the DGSS, his family, and certain officials.

“Ordinarily, the DSS would not dignify these inaccuracies with a response. However, considering the potential impact on gullible individuals and the unsuspecting public who may mistake these falsehoods for facts, we feel compelled to set the record straight.

The DSS did not carry out any operations at the ICPC or CCB, nor did we confiscate any files from their offices. It is worth noting that both agencies have independently refuted these claims through widely circulated press statements. The suggestion that Yari was invited for refusing to answer the President’s call is not only petty but also laughable. Yari himself knows the true reason for his invitation.

“The DSS categorically denies all these allegations, as they lack any factual basis or credibility. They are simply products of the creators’ imaginations. It is important to highlight that the aforementioned publishers have gained notoriety, both within and outside the country, for their habit of peddling fake news and engaging in sensational and unscrupulous journalism. Displaying a complete lack of decency and civility, they frequently resort to character assassinations and various forms of blackmail as a means of conducting their business.

“There is no doubt that the reports in question were crafted with the intention of tarnishing the reputation and integrity of the DSS and its leadership. It is worth noting that the DSS had previously alerted the public about this ongoing campaign of calumny back in June 2023. While we are aware of the sponsors behind these smear campaigns, we will allow them to exhaust themselves, confident that they will eventually face justice. As the saying goes, “Many days are certain for the thief, but there will be that one day for the owner of the house.” It is evident that the writers and their sponsors are oblivious to the accolades the DSS consistently receives from the majority of stakeholders for its exceptional performance and professional conduct in handling critical national issues. Instead, they have chosen to utilize their platforms to undermine the agency and its capabilities.

“Reiterating our commitment to the rule of law, as well as the independence and autonomy of other agencies, including the Judiciary and Legislature, the DSS will not shy away from its responsibilities. We will not allow detractors to hinder us from executing our statutory duties or carrying out lawful orders from constituted authorities. If the need arises to invite or detain individuals such as Yari, we will not hesitate to do so, as long as it is done in accordance with the law.

“The DSS remains focused, resilient, patriotic, and professional in the discharge of its responsibilities. We urge the public to disregard these misleading stories, which are designed to sow discord in the country and denigrate the leadership of the DSS. We will continue to collaborate with relevant stakeholders to address the security challenges facing the nation, in line with our mandate and the directives of the President. No matter how many times naysayers and hostile agents attempt to distract us, we remain undeterred.”

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