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A TRIUMPH IN CRIME PREVENTION: Anambra Police Reunite Stolen Tricycles With Owners


Aug 15, 2023

In a remarkable display of diligent law enforcement, the Anambra State Police, Harbour Division, Ogbaru Local Government Area, has successfully recovered twelve stolen tricycles over the course of the last month.

The tricycles, believed to have been taken unlawfully, have now been restored to their rightful condition and await their owners for collection.

The committed efforts of the police force have led to the identification and retrieval of these tricycles, marked by their distinct registration numbers. The recovered vehicles include:

NKK 170 UR
KTU 315 QD
NSH 178 VC
UMI 281 QV
GAS 830 WU
ACA 344 QM
TTK 287 WZ
ABB 215 QA
AGU 105 UD
UKP 114 QR
UWN 544 QH
ATMC 420525
To ensure a seamless and rightful restoration of ownership, the Anambra State Police kindly request the esteemed residents of the state who are the true owners of these tricycles to come forward. We urge them to present valid proof of ownership, thereby facilitating the prompt return of their properties.

Commissioner of Police, CP Aderemi Adeoye, has expressed a firm commitment to safeguarding the interests of the community. He assures the public that the State Police Command is unwavering in its dedication to not only recovering stolen possessions but also facilitating their rightful return to their owners. This initiative aims to alleviate the sense of loss and deprivation that victims of such crimes often experience.

The Anambra State Police call upon the owners to come forward and claim their tricycles. This milestone in crime prevention and asset recovery exemplifies the force’s determination to uphold justice and ensure the peace and security of the state’s residents. The Anambra Police continue to demonstrate their dedication to serving and protecting the people they proudly serve.

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