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LASTMA, Army Collaborate To Enhance Traffic Management Partnership In Lagos


Aug 15, 2023

Officials from the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) and the Nigerian Army have come to an agreement to enhance their collaboration in traffic management within Lagos.

During a visit by a delegation from the 9 Brigade Command of the Nigerian Army, led by Brigadier General Adegoke Moses Adetuyi, Mr. Bolaji Oreagba, the General Manager of LASTMA, announced this development.

Mr. Oreagba warmly welcomed the military representatives and expressed his gratitude for their visit to the Lastma Headquarters in Oshodi, considering it a significant gesture.

Regarding a regrettable incident involving a confrontation between a Lastma Officer and a Soldier, Mr. Oreagba reaffirmed that there exists a strong bond between these two agencies. He emphasized that LASTMA staff will continue to depend on the unwavering support provided by the Nigerian Army and other security entities throughout the State.

Mr. Oreagba said, “we won’t abuse the relationship nor take the cordiality and warm friendliness which has existed between the Army and Lastma for granted”

He asserted that the recurrence of such incidents could be prevented by maintaining the existing channels of communication and exploring additional new hotlines between the two agencies. This would ensure the continual resolution of issues.

In his previous statements, Brigadier General Adegoke Moses Adetuyi, the Commander of the 9th Brigade of the Nigerian Army, highlighted that malicious actors thrive in an environment of discord among security agencies. Hence, fostering more harmonious collaboration and extensive cooperation among all government bodies, including Lastma, is crucial.

Commending the commendable efforts of Lastma Officials who tirelessly work day and night, Brigadier Adetuyi pledged ongoing support from the Nigerian Army’s 9th Brigade Command. This assistance aims to reinforce Lastma’s activities on the roads and guarantee the safety of traffic managers as they carry out their essential duties.

Among the Army Officials present during the visit were Major A.A Nasir (OC MP), Major A. Sanusi, Major A.A Onwemene, Major A.K Ballo, and LT T.H Owoyemi.

Also present from Lastma were Mr. Peter Gbejemede, the Director of Operations; Mr. Apena Biliaminu, the Provost Marshal; Mr. Adeoye James, Head of Headquarters Operations (Rover); Mr. Macaulay Modupe-Ore, Head of Lastma Training; CSP Ajibola Abayomi, Head of the Police Unit of Lastma; and Adebayo Taofiq, the Director of the Public Affairs and Enlightenment Department of LASTMA.

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