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Nigerian Navy Partner HMS Trent On Maritime Security Mission To West Africa


Sep 11, 2023

…Offshore Patrol Vessel HMS Trent Strengthens UK-Nigeria Maritime Security Synergy

…The HMS Trent, a state-of-the-art British Royal Navy ship, is on a month-long assignment in the Gulf of Guinea

The offshore patrol vessel HMS Trent, operated by the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom, has made a significant return to Lagos, Nigeria, marking the second visit in recent years.

Commander Langford, leading his crew on this mission, expressed the honour and pleasure of being alongside their Nigerian counterparts during this visit, emphasizing the importance of cooperation in addressing maritime insecurity in the Gulf of Guinea and the broader West African region.

Commander Langford highlighted the continuity of purpose, as a few members of his ship’s company had participated in the 2021 visit.

In his words: “This visit provides an opportunity for the UK and Nigeria to collaborate closely with the Nigerian Navy to counter maritime insecurity, including piracy, counter-narcotics activities, and combating illegal fishing”

Also speaking, Mr. Johnny Baxter, the Deputy British High Commissioner based in Lagos, extended a warm welcome to Commander Langford and his crew aboard HMS Trent.

He underlined the significance of the UK’s relationship with Nigeria and praised the vital support provided by the Nigerian Navy during the visit.

The Deputy High Commissioner emphasized the need for stability, safety, and prosperity in Nigeria, as it plays a pivotal role in Africa, boasting the continent’s second-largest economy and its largest population.

Baxter pointed out that the UK-Nigeria trade relationship is thriving, with a current value of €7.6 billion pounds, and expressed optimism about further economic collaboration.

When asked about the activities planned for the visit’s initial days, Commander Langford discussed collaborative efforts with the Nigerian Navy on various fronts, with a focus on countering piracy, narcotics, and other illicit maritime activities.

He stressed the importance of nations working together to address the rising piracy threats in the Gulf of Guinea.

Regarding the nature of this visit compared to the previous one in 2021, Commander Langford clarified that it is indeed a routine exercise conducted with friendly nations.

He emphasized that Nigeria remains a preferred partner for the UK, with historical ties, and expressed regret that the pandemic had delayed their return.

In response to whether this visit is aimed at boosting Nigeria’s security, Commander Langford emphasized that it presents an opportunity for both navies to identify solutions to maritime insecurity collectively.

He highlighted the importance of sharing lessons learned and working together at sea and in training exercises.

Finally, Commander Langford revealed that this marks only the second visit of HMS Trent to Nigeria for this purpose, with a brief hiatus due to the global pandemic.

The visit of HMS Trent to Lagos underscores the commitment of the United Kingdom to strengthening maritime security and cooperation with Nigeria, ultimately contributing to stability and prosperity in the Gulf of Guinea and the wider West African region.

The Royal Navy is here because the UK is a committed partner for Nigeria and the wider West African region.”

“We will continue to work with the Nigerian authorities to address illegal activity; improve maritime security; counter-piracy and tackle the Illegal Wildlife Trade.”

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