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NOWA Sustains Support Nurturing Education, Welfare For Future Generations


Nov 27, 2023

Pastor Olorunwa Daniel Nwata, the Visionary and Lead Responsibility Coordinator of Rural Areas For Christ Outreach (RACO), reflected on the transformative journey they’ve undertaken, primarily through the divine grace that has guided their efforts. This institution, founded nearly two decades ago, has seen remarkable growth, nurturing children who arrived at ages as tender as 2 or 3, now flourishing in various stages of their education and professional journeys.

“With God’s grace,” Nwata emphasized, “we’ve witnessed incredible progress. Some children who walked through our doors in their early years are now excelling in universities and diverse careers. Their growth is a testament to our purpose, driving us to do more.”

The organization’s milestone of two decades in existence signifies a profound commitment to fostering positive change. Despite the challenges faced, including financial constraints and ongoing needs for medical facilities and educational resources, the organization continues to thrive, largely supported by individuals, friends, relatives, and sporadic contributions from organizations.

Oluwabukola Bankole, the Zonal Director for Lagos Island under Naval Officers Wives Association (NOWA), shed light on the organization’s core ethos—touching lives positively, particularly within the Navy family and the broader community.

Speaking, she said “The association’s mission transcends mere material donations; they seek to invest in education, acknowledging the transformative power of education in shaping a nation’s future.

Mrs Bankole highlighted the enduring support from NOWA members, often wives of naval officers, contributing relentlessly to the cause. Under the guidance of the present National President, Mrs. Ijeoma Ogala, the organization continues its legacy of supporting the orphanage, an initiative initiated by former leaders like Mrs. Ezeoba, Mrs. Abass, and Mrs. Gambo.

“We’re not just dropping off food items,” Bankole emphasized, “we’re investing in the education of these children. Sponsoring students through secondary school isn’t just about their growth; it’s about nurturing future leaders for our nation.”

In this challenging period, NOWA recognizes the significance of not just providing immediate sustenance but also ensuring the continuation of education for these deserving children.

The institution’s dedication, resilience, and commitment to uplifting lives underscore the profound impact they’ve had and continue to foster, symbolizing hope and opportunity for generations to come.

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