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Army Reacts To Viral Video, Assures Transparent Recruitment Process


Jan 5, 2024

The Nigerian Army (NA) has responded to a viral video circulating on social media, showcasing the apprehension of fraudulent candidates during the ongoing 86 Regular Recruits Intake in Lagos. The video captured the arrest of individuals attempting to manipulate the recruitment process to the disadvantage of genuine Lagos State indigenes.

The NA clarified that the arrest of these fraudulent candidates signifies the Army’s commitment to maintaining a transparent and credible recruitment process in alignment with its core values of integrity and fairness. The footage exemplifies one of the procedures through which candidates are screened to ensure the rightful inclusion of true indigenes, safeguarding allocated slots for each state.

Highlighting the importance of the State Representative’s role, the NA emphasized the duty to identify non-indigenes among candidates vying for recruitment slots, a practice also applicable in other states across the nation.

Condemning the actions of the three candidates attempting to claim vacancies designated for Lagos State indigenes, the NA assured the public of a thorough investigation into the extent of these fraudulent activities. The Army reiterated its dedication to selecting only the most qualified candidates to serve.

The NA pledged to collaborate closely with relevant authorities to ensure accountability for those involved in this misconduct, affirming that perpetrators will face legal consequences. The Army emphasized its commitment to upholding the rule of law and ensuring justice prevails.

Prospective candidates were urged to uphold honesty and integrity throughout the recruitment process, emphasizing that any attempt to manipulate the system would be met with legal consequences.

Major General Onyema Nwachukwu, Director of Army Public Relations, reiterated the NA’s determination to recruit the best individuals, acknowledging the public’s support in preserving the integrity of the recruitment process.

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