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Soldier Of 35 Artillery Brigade Loses Life In Accidental Weapon Discharge


Jan 17, 2024

The Headquarters of the 81 Division Nigerian Army (NA) has addressed insinuations circulating on social media regarding an alleged suicide by a soldier from the 35 Artillery Brigade, linked to non-payment of Ration Cash Allowance (RCA).

The Division expresses deep concern over attempts by mischief makers to use this tragic incident to tarnish the image of the Division and the NA. Clarifying the situation, it is revealed that the soldier, deployed for cantonment duty on January 15, 2024, was adequately fed in accordance with NA’s standards.

Investigations into the incident reveal that the soldier mishandled his personal weapon, resulting in an accidental discharge and his subsequent death. Colleagues rushed to the scene upon hearing the gunshot, discovering the soldier with fatal wounds.

Further investigations are underway to ascertain the circumstances and remote cause of the incident. The soldier’s remains have been evacuated and deposited at the Federal Medical Centre Abeokuta.

The Commander of the 35 Artillery Brigade has conveyed condolences to the deceased soldier’s family, emphasizing the Division’s commitment to troop welfare, in line with the Chief of Army Staff Command Philosophy.

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