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INSECURITY: NCS Seizes 55 Unassembled Shotguns, Over N1.5 Billion In Illicit Military Gear In Lagos State


Jul 4, 2024

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) at Murtala Muhammed Airport Command in Lagos has seized 55 unassembled shotguns and illicit military gear valued at over N1.5 billion, marking a significant crackdown on illegal arms importation and enhancing national security efforts.

In a major press briefing held at the Murtala Muhammed Area Command in Lagos, the Comptroller General of Customs, Bashir Adewale Adeniyi, announced significant successes in the Nigeria Customs Service’s efforts to secure the nation’s borders and enhance national security.

Addressing the media, Adeniyi highlighted a series of recent operations that underscore the Customs Service’s commitment to thwarting illicit activities. He began by referencing the recent seizure of 11 rifles and 6 pistols by the Nigeria Customs TCIP Command and the interception of 844 rifles and 112,500 rounds of ammunition in Port Harcourt just days ago.

Adeniyi revealed the latest operation conducted on June 19, 2024, at the Murtala Muhammed Area Command. Acting on credible intelligence from both local and international partners, Customs officers conducted a 100% examination of all consignments. This scrutiny led to the discovery of an item suspected to be part of a rifle in a consignment with airway bill number 235-58737755, originating from Turkey. Further examination uncovered four packages concealing 55 pieces of unassembled JOJEF Magnum (Tomahawk) semi-automatic shotguns. The firearms were ingeniously hidden within shower faucets, with a duty paid value (DPV) of N270,888,109.29.

A suspect connected to this shipment is currently in custody, aiding ongoing investigations aimed at identifying and apprehending all parties involved. Intelligence suggests that some unscrupulous Nigerians based in Turkey are actively involved in purchasing, packaging, and exporting these illicit arms to Nigeria.

Additionally, Adeniyi presented a cache of military and paramilitary equipment improperly imported without end-user certificates. These items, with a DPV of N1,298,019,276.91, include drones, ballistic vests, helmets, walkie talkies, camouflage uniforms, and more. The total DPV of all seized items amounts to N1,568,907,386.48.

Key actions taken include the seizure of the 55 unassembled shotguns and their concealment items, which will be handed over to the National Centre for the Control of Small Arms and Light Weapons for further investigation and prosecution. The arrested suspect will also be transferred to the Centre for continued processing.

Adeniyi praised the officers of the Murtala Muhammed Area Command for their diligence, integrity, and dedication, noting that they would be rewarded as stipulated by the Nigeria Customs Service Act 2023. He also expressed gratitude to local and international partners whose intelligence was crucial in these interceptions.

In closing, Adeniyi issued a stern warning to those contemplating similar illicit importations, reaffirming the Service’s unwavering commitment to national security and economic prosperity. Under his leadership, the Nigeria Customs Service remains resolute in protecting the nation from threats and ensuring the safety of its citizens.

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