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2023 Mbaise Convention Unites Mbaise Community In Dallas, Texas To Advocate Shared Cause


Jul 10, 2023

The bustling Westin Hotel in Dallas, USA, played host to a massive gathering of Mbaise natives as esteemed individuals flocked to the venue for the 14th edition of the Mbaise convention.
Remarkably, this year’s convention surpassed all previous gatherings in the city known for its grandeur.

Commencing on Thursday, July 6th, the celebration welcomed influential figures from Mbaise, including Chief S.O S Echendu, Chief Dr. Charles Iwejuo, Ezeji (Chief) Alozie Aguwa, Hon Chidi Ahaghotu, Chief Mrs Ngozi Mbaocha, and Chief Festus Anaele, among others.
Addressing the attendees, the secretary, Ezeji Prince Richard Nwachukwu Abbi, emphasized the importance of Ndigbo focusing on prudent investments outside their home states.

The event drew intellectuals, distinguished personalities, seasoned professionals, scholars, entrepreneurs, political envoys, international guests, celebrities, and Mbaise enthusiasts from around the world.

The venue exuded an air of festivity with vibrant decorations, music, delectable cuisine, refreshing beverages, dazzling lights, and camera flashes, resembling a mini presidential rally. The four-day affair reached its climax on July 8th with a presentation by Rowland Okorie, CEO of Equity Concept.

At precisely 4 pm, a charismatic global leader, hailing from Mbaise and sporting dreadlocks, took the stage to shed light on Project NWAFOR Igbo.

Dressed in a stylish blue safari striped suit and Gucci shoes, the serial entrepreneur captivated the audience of over 3,000 people. After exchanging pleasantries with the esteemed elders present, he delivered a mesmerizing introductory speech that held the crowd spellbound for 20 seconds.

He said; “I am happy the founder Chief Executive Officer of ABC Transport Frank Nneji knows me.”

He passionately addressed the crowd, emphasizing the importance of a specific project that had the potential to unite the Igbo people and bring much-needed development to their lands. This project, he explained, had the unique ability and capacity to attract foreign investors and significantly boost the Internal Generated Revenue (IGR) of Igbo land.

He stressed that this project was crucial in granting the Igbos the respect they deserved, as they awakened from their wishful delusions and embarked on the challenging yet necessary journey back to their homeland to focus on the development of Ala-Igbo.

“This,” he emphasized, “is what we are discussing.” He recalled the demolition of properties by Ndigbo in Lagos, highlighting the urgent need for change. Before he could finish speaking, the room erupted with a resounding ovation and a round of applause that filled the air and reverberated throughout the hall.

Smiles and excitement adorned the faces of everyone present as they unanimously agreed. Not only did the project receive overwhelming acceptance, but also influential individuals expressed their interest and desire for positions within the organization’s hierarchy.

Following the presentation, Rowland Okorie convened a meeting with four prominent personalities and dignitaries: Hon Eddy Obinna, Ochiudo Mbaise, a member of the Federal House of Representatives representing the good people of Aboh Mbaise, and Hon Chief Tony Madu. Also, two other groups awaited discussions to explore potential partnerships.

Rowland Okorie further emphasized the need to establish alliances with skilled attorneys who were present at the event, providing a firsthand overview of the entire NWAFOR Igbo Project. These partnerships would be essential in securing high-profile deals and ensuring the project’s success.

In conclusion, Okorie said; “My encounter with learned Attorney Erasmus Nwata, Attorney Ned Iwuji, Esq, Anakam Law Firm pc to mention but a few will not be in vain but bring positive development toward achieving the set agenda and goal.”

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