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OGUN 1 COMMAND: Shuaibu Urges Border Community Youths To Deter Smuggling For Collective Growth


Nov 29, 2023

In a recent press briefing, DC Ahmadu Bello Shuaibu, the Acting Controller of Customs, Ogun 1 Command, highlighted the adverse effects of smuggling on the development of border communities.

Shuaibu emphasized the need for border community youths to shift away from smuggling as a means of livelihood, advocating for a collective effort towards their communities’ growth.

Under Shuaibu’s leadership, the command has shifted focus towards collaboration and non-confrontational methods in combating smuggling.

He stressed the importance of partnerships with both the public and neighboring countries, citing fruitful engagements with Benin Republic’s customs authorities.

The Customs officials reiterated their commitment to enforcing laws without resorting to fatal confrontations, emphasizing the use of intelligence and technology to curb smuggling activities. Shuaibu underscored the importance of education, urging youths to pursue formal education as a means to enhance their communities’ development and their own future prospects.

Efforts towards awareness and enlightenment have been ramped up, including planned multilingual jingles at border areas to educate people about prohibited items. The Customs Command has also engaged with various stakeholders, including security agencies and local community organizations, to address challenges and foster cooperation in curbing smuggling.

Shuaibu emphasized the open-door policy for information sharing and the establishment of communication channels with security agencies to address complaints promptly. The ongoing collaborative efforts aim to not only deter smuggling activities but also ensure sustainable community development in the border regions.

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